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Need For Strong Opposition Party

If the general public perception is increasing that the current ruling party is slowly turning to be less and less democratic; the Congress and its top leaders have to take major blame. It had been the major political party even before Independence. Not only that it has squandered the advantage and ceased to be a ruling party by virtue of incompetent leadership, rampant corruption and juvenile dramatics by its top leader aspiring to be prime minister of this Country; it has even ceased to be of any significance as an Opposition Party. This situation, without a strong Opposition is disastrous to our democratic fabric. Ironically enough; there seems to be no democracy in Congress either and all its stalwarts are happy working under dynasty and vice versa the dynastic rulers want to retain reign of the Party even at the cost of tattering it completely. It is well known fact that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The leaders of the ruling party also are not different and are drawn from us common people. Behind the facade of fancy portfolio; lies an ordinary person fully capable of becoming corrupt by greed or dictatorial attitude; if he/she feels that there is no one who can challenge him/her. It is therefore the duty of each and every Political Party, to rise above falsely placed priorities. They should come out of the Psychological shackles and change enough to have effective Leaders at the top, who are not the characters of ridicule and laugh.



Abandoned Projects Eating Government Coffers

It is a fact that projects that are delayed or abandoned for various reasons are eating into the government coffers. It is understood that almost all projects under construction by the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) have been delayed due to lack of funds. This only goes to prove that projects are being inaugurated without adequate funding. To add to this are major projects which have been abandoned. Projects like the Keri Bridge and the Sancoale Kala Bhavan have reportedly been abandoned. Several crores of public money is going down the drain as a result of projects being delayed or totally abandoned. These funds could have been otherwise wisely utilized for the benefit of the citizens. Almost all projects are not completed within the deadline set at the beginning, and this includes the two major bridges, the third Mandovi Bridge and the second Zuari Bridge. In the past probably the only project that was completed before the schedule time was the Fatorda Stadium for which the entire credit goes to the then sports minister Francisco Monte Cruz. It is desirable for a project to commence only when the total funds are available and set aside. A reasonable deadline should be set for the completion of the project with a cushion period of a couple of months.



Counselling For Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency as a social malaise has been a matter of growing concern for the nation. With the crime graph involving young teens showing a steep rise over the past few years, law-makers have been compelled to amend the earlier laws to contain the rising menace of criminal offences by young persons. Yet these efforts have hardly proved to be deterrents and the complicity of youngsters in petty to serious offences continue to be reported from different parts of the country. The alleged theft of mobile phones from parked vehicles of visitors to the Pal waterfall in the Sattari taluka by a gang of schoolboys is no doubt an alarming piece of news, but a criminal wrongdoing nevertheless that needs to be dealt with sternly. However the contention that the theft was committed by the school students to satisfy their cravings for owning cell-phones appears too silly. When it has been revealed that the school kids were in the habit of opening the doors and rummaging through the vehicles parked near the picnic spot and might have made away with valuables in the past as well, it is obvious that these boys have a criminal bent of mind and need to be corrected. Moreover, the submission that the crime was commissioned after learning the technique of opening seats of two-wheelers by watching videos on social media brings to fore the severity of their criminal tendencies. The argument that the mobile phones were returned to the rightful owners is no justification for the police to have treated the whole issue with kid gloves. Bearing in mind the trend that is making seasoned criminals out of such juveniles, it would have been appropriate for the minor boys to undergo a period of ‘correctional’ counseling with the primary goal of making them shun their despicable ways. The fact that all these minors are in their penultimate year of schooling is however a matter of serious concern. The theft should definitely serve as an eye opener to parents, teachers, heads of schools and education department officials. Schools have been established to create good human beings who can make a positive contribution to society, not to train criminals. Character-building is an important aspect of child development and ought to assume the core curriculum in every school.


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