Tuesday , 21 August 2018

Let’s make a better India

Providing an opportunity to volunteers, who wish to contribute their time and efforts for a social cause, online platform ‘The Better India’ recently launched a bot  (computer program that does automated tasks) called `The Botter India’ that connects volunteers with social organisations seeking help. NT BUZZ in conversation with the founder and CEO of Better India, Dhimant Parekh, finds out more about this initiative and his aims to make India better



There are many who want to serve society and utilise their time, talent and resources, but aren’t aware of options and choices available. The founder and CEO, Dhimant Parekh, was amazed to see that there were many people willing to help and render their services to various social organisations, but did not know the point of contact. Giving an opportunity for people to connect with organisations, NGOs and individuals seeking help, ‹The Botter India’- a bot was released. “It was an attempt, to set up a ‘Do-Good army’ of volunteers that operate throughout the country,” says Dhimant.

‘The Botter India’ is an extension of the online portal ‹The Better India› that focuses on highlighting positive stories and news. Using the operating system, ‘The Botter India’, integrates into Facebook messenger system. As soon as an individual sends a message,  the bot notes all details from the Facebook account and registers it onto the nationwide volunteer database.

Anyone willing to contribute as a volunteer has to log on to his/her Facebook account and open ‘The Better India’ Facebook page and send a message through the messenger app. In the next phase, the bot connects the person to organisations, NGOs, charities and foundations in their respective locations. Volunteers can also drop an email to impact@thebetterindia.com to connect to the same.

Dhimant who started his career as a software engineer then pursued a Masters degree in Business Management from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He worked for several tech companies like Honeywell Technologies and start-ups. With his forte being ‹Product Management› he has worked extensively in the consumer internet space, fronting several tech breakthroughs for companies like GoIbio (then Ibibo), NGPay, Hoopos.com among others. He then continued working with ‘The Better India’, with his wife Anuradha.

Speaking about how ‘The Botter India’ is gaining the attention of many, Dhimant says: “The response has been overwhelming. We used to get messages from our readers across the country, almost daily, asking us where and how they could contribute. With ‘The Botter India’, we are making sure that everyone who wants to contribute knows exactly where to go and how to go about it.  On day one, we launched we got close to a 100 people signing up the very same day. Currently, we are in the process of connecting volunteers with the requisite organisations.”

For Dhimant, this is one of the biggest achievements as he is able to inspire people and make an impact in the society. He says: “As citizens of this country, we know that the country is dealing with many problems. But, there are also many solutions to it. Our agenda is the same- to bring a change and work towards making India better.”

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