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Let’s brunch together

Sunday might be a day dedicated to either the family or to the lazy you. But how about a relaxing and rejuvenating Sunday experience where food and drinks can be enjoyed at one place? Le Meridien, Calangute has just re-launched their Sunday Brunch that’s packed with a punch and we’re loving it

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We all wait for that one Sunday to wake up late and have a chilled out day, especially in Goa, where except for the government employees and few corporate employees not many have two days off. For many, including me, Sunday is our short term goal – week after week. But, then the meals could get majorly messed up and that’s when the concept of a brunch fits in absolutely well.

So, when I woke up late and found that within an hour it was going to be time to have lunch, I headed over to Le Meridien, Calangute to try out their re-launched Sunday brunch. Indeed, their brunch is a great deal for those who love to eat well-priced good food, whether you want to over indulge or sample limited portions.

Chef Nishesh Sheth tells us that the concept here is an eclectic mix of buffet offerings and a la carte – where you take your rounds and start with salads, soups and cheese platters, Khau Suey, and come back for patisseries.

One can choose to relax by the pool side, sit at a table or indulge in activities in the family room while you order dishes from the menu that’s specially curated for the brunch. Once you’ve enjoyed your hearty meal, look around for some mind blowing patisseries that again can get you in a tizzy. So it’s best you look around first, make your choice and eat in moderation if you are a sweet tooth.

The brunch is packed with a punch as there are over 12 sections including delis, grills, tandoori, western, Asian, from the pot, late breakfast, risotto, pasta, pizza and patisseries. The choriz pao with salad is my favourite (despite eating it regularly) and I decided to go no further. The pao was baked in house which made all the difference. From grilled fish, murgh malai tikka to vegetable croquette, popular Indian curries, there’s going to be no disappointment here.  For those who love eggs, Eggs Benedict could be well worth a try.

The Chicken Khau Suey too was perfect for the damp weather. The Burmese delicacy is no less than a one pot meal that has coconut milk and condiments like peanuts, shallots, boiled eggs and more.

This dynamic menu will change every Sunday, except for some favourite sections like late breakfast, pizza, pasta, risotto remains. The pizza there is freshly baked with toppings of your choice. Ask and you shall receive… and that’s the funda here at the brunch.

The risotto too was a major highlight of what I enjoyed there. The sticky rice that was cheesy with mushrooms in each bite was a delight. I ate more than I thought I would, and after having left ample space for desserts – sinfully overindulged with the chocolate mousse, walnut honey tart, cupcakes, pistachio mousse and the all time favourite carrot cake.

I loved this concept, as I ate only what I wanted and thus there’s less wastage from your end and from hotel’s too as they make on order. A wonderful concept that can pep up your Sundays for a steal at `900 + taxes and `1500+ taxes (alcohol).


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