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Let there be art

An exhibit of drawings and paintings featuring art by upcoming artists Shripad Gurav, Manjunaath Naik and Jyoti Mehta was held.

Adept in figurative style, Gurav is an emerging contemporary artists. Through his art, he portrays the past, present and future. His figures are symbolic of the Goan life, rich in colour and symptomatic characteristics. His artworks are expressions of man’s aspirations and motives.

Mehta is a self-taught artist who has been interested in drawing and painting since childhood. Mehta says, “Art is a powerful and beautiful medium to connect with the world. Art has its own freedom of expression. So, we as artists are free to share and express our thoughts.”

At the exhibit, Naik’s works speak of love, life, sex and the x-factor. “The works are about undefined and defined forms in their very intimate space of time, where they merge and submerge in one another marking their territory of intimate love,” states Naik. The exhibition was curated by art dealer Swetlana Cardoso.

(The exhibition will be on till July 31, at 386, Amblimoll, Guirdolim, Chandor.)

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