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Learning through experiences with clubs

Students clubs formed as part of extra-curricular activities not only offer opportunities to have new experiences but also act as a platform to showcase talent, share ideas, network and develop leadership skills. NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few students to know about the most popular clubs on their campus, how these clubs help students and if there is a need to include any new clubs

The most popular clubs are quiz, drama and music clubs. Since we are a technical institution, these clubs act like breathers as students can take breaks from their academic exhaustion. These clubs give students an opportunity to face their fears and insecurities and help them refine their professional sides. I think sports and dance clubs should be included in colleges as they will help with physical workout and students’ fitness.

Tejas Rivonkar, Goa Engineering College, Ponda


Some of the most popular clubs in college are badminton, dance, music, football, basketball and art. I feel that language clubs should be introduced and they should have more events managed and organised to enrich and celebrate the heritage of the place where these languages are spoken.

Ray Cyrus Gomes, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao


One of the most popular clubs in my college is the Operon club. It helps us get to know one and other, discuss question papers, prepare for entrance exams, updates us on our field of interest, juniors and seniors get to know each other through groups made for activities. I think there should be new clubs related to art, wherein students can find ways to relate art to science.

Anakarina Paes, Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Panaji


There are many cells like environment, women’s cell and clubs such as the Red Ribbon Club, Konkani Cultural Club, etc. These enlighten out minds and help us learn beyond the classroom. They also encourage us to put forward our thoughts.

Daisy Fernandes, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim


The most popular clubs are Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA) which is a student’ council formed by a group of students under which many activities like talks, awareness programmes, etc, are organised. MESSERGI (Mechanical Engineering Students Social Educational Responsibility and Green Initiative) is also a part of MESA under which students can lend a helping hand to the needy. Many social activities take place through MESSERGI. MESA also becomes a platform to maintain good student alumni relations.

Sampada Shendure, Goa Engineering College, Ponda


The popular clubs in my college are sports, women’s cell and NSS. But the most popular is environment protection club because it’s believed that environment education along with eco-clubs can lead to sustained management of resources and it will also ensure responsible actions by young individuals. The NSS unit also conducts a lot of activities like competitions, workshops, cleaning drives and surveys along with keeping the environment clean and green. It will help a lot for students because it creates awareness and they gain experience through such activities. I think there is a need for classical singing club or a music club where in students can learn music and perform. This will help students build the base for all forms of music and stage events.

Shalvi Singh, Carmel College Arts Science and Commerce For Women, Nuvem


There aren’t any clubs in my college at present. A technical club for the academically inclined can be a good start. It will be a stepping stone which will update students’ knowledge and familiarise them with current trends. Also a cultural club that will give students an opportunity to dabble in arts, music, dance and theatre would be welcomed.

Huzefa A Ujjainwala, PES Rajaram and Tarabai Bandekar College of Pharmacy, Ponda


There are many clubs and chapters like FSAI- FIRE and security Association of India and ISHRAE- Indian Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning. To be frank these student chapters are the bridge which links the ever growing gap between the college education (engineering to be specific) and the industry requirements. The student chapter creates a forum to make business connections and share best practices, participation and promotion of seminar and conferences, access to world class research and market intelligence services. It also becomes a platform to participate into various social cause initiatives. These chapters also provide national level quiz competition, national level design competition, internships, scholarships, final year project competition, and technical paper presentations and so on.

Sunay Dharwadkar, Goa Engineering College, Ponda

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