‘Lake capable of quenching thirst of entire Santa Cruz’




The senior citizens living in the vicinity of the Bondvol lake in Santa Cruz village felt that the lake can meet water requirements of the entire village, but unfortunately its water gets wasted due to ill-maintenance.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times,’ many of them said that water from several springs flows into the lake, and if rainwater is harvested properly then the lake water would be sufficient to quench the thirst of the entire village.

The Goa State Wetland Authority has decided to declare

the Bondvol lake as a wetland. 

Many residents observed that they have seen from their childhood days  the lake water going waste. They also recalled the visits paid to the water body by former chief ministers Shashikala Kakodkar and Pratapsigh Rane during their tenures.

“Politicians never bothered to reconstruct or repair it,  bring it to its past glory and supply water to the entire farming community in the area, as was done  during the  Portuguese era… There is  a dispute over it and the matter is before the court now,” they explained.

In the past, there was a temporary gate, shutting the entry of the  general public.

Social activist Arturo D’Souza said that notification declaring the lake as a wetland is expected soon.

The embankment of the Bondvol lake was constructed in 1908 by the Portuguese;  all work got over in 1913 and water was released for the fields in Santa Cruz.

A panch member of the Santa Cruz panchayat Namdev Naik pointed that  the matter is in court, and that  the panchayat is with the people on the dispute.