Tuesday , 13 November 2018

Kushwaha rues poor representation of Dalits, OBCs in judiciary




Union minister Upendra Kushwaha Wednesday rued poor representation from Dalits and backward castes in the higher judiciary.

He also claimed that most high court and Supreme Court judges come from about 250-300 families.

“Not only for Dalits and backward castes, the door is closed even for people from general castes. Members of over 250-300 families have been becoming judges in high courts and the Supreme Court since Independence. Doors are closed for all others. They must be opened,” he said at a public meeting to mark the death anniversary of B R Ambedkar.

The RLSP chief’s spokesperson released a clip of his speech in which he also recalled that President Ram Nath Kovind had recently expressed his concern over the poor representation of people from the deprived sections of the society in the judiciary.

The Constitution had envisaged an all-India judiciary service on the lines of IAS and IPS and it must be established, the minister of state for HRD said.

Many Dalit and OBC leaders have pitched for such a service as it would pave the way for reservation for the socially backward communities in the judiciary.

Kushwaha said women are also very poorly represented in higher courts.

From the President to the last man in the queue, this concern is common, he said, asserting that it is now inevitable that doors will be opened for these communities in future.

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