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By Meeth Nagda ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, I agree with this saying myself. Over the...

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Gandhian values for Life

Mahatma Gandhi, during his walk of life was a man of integrity and self respect. Always being an ‘other-centered’ man did everything that he could for the benefit of his fellow human being.

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How I spent my vacations

We usually spend our holidays learning to make craft items or take part in some activity at a day camp. But this Diwali vacations was different for my younger sister Alithea and me because it was for the very first time that we experienced what an overnight camp.

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The Story of the Scar

It is a well-known fact that each one of us is playing a role on this stage called life. In this process of living, we usually go through tough situations where we get wounded sometimes physically or emotionally. These ‘scar stories’ are never discussed or shared. They are always a secret in our hearts.

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