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The girl child

By Neha pandey Every time she is questioned regarding her need to learn, She is told that she...

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The Mapmaker

Being human it was but natural Of me to wish order everywhere.. In alignment to my symmetric self To see the world a pattern bear… Set out to categorise things Boundaries I ended up making, How sure I was, that to civilise...

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My Creator

By Divya Pockle The Creator Light in the lament, Hope in the helplessness, Coruscating in the...

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By Shanaya Phal Desai   “The world needs to thaw Its thoughts ..” A young girl cried out, Mercy...

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By Srinidhi Bhat   Clad in white she weeps for him, silently Remembering those moments that alas...

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The sands of time

By Preetika Kamat   As I stood on the shore of life’s prettiest beach, With the waves of future...

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By Pratiksha Naik   Last time I opened my eyes I found myself in the world of ice, Wondered where...

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The Decision

By Hyacinth Rodrigues   A fine line between a choice to make The tussle between a decision to...

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