‘My Wildlife Odyssey’ – A Photographic Journey is a 100-page coffee-table book authored by Naitik Jain that has three years of effort and passion bound together to bring about a sense of wildlife and nature preservation among people. NT BUZZ catches up with the photographer


Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ


The journey across six national parks in India – Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh; Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh; Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra; Jim Corbett National Park,Uttarkhand; Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan; and Nagzira National Park, Maharashtra – over three years, is now a coffee table book by Naitik Jain.

“The book has photographs of endangered species such as tigers, leopards, boars, wild dogs and other wild animals clicked in their natural habitat along with pictures of the scenery near these parks,” says Jain. Alongside this, a brief description of the author’s journey across the parks, all of which are protected reserves, has also been included.

Jain’s interest in wildlife started when he was 12-years-old, when he and his mother used to visit the parks during his school term breaks, sometimes braving harsh climate with temperature over 40 degrees celsius. There were times when they had to wake up very early to get first entry and a better chance at a sighting. “These visits provided me with a chance to unwind and also connect with nature. I had the opportunity of sighting several tigers and endangered animals,” he says. Several times though he faced disappointment as he was unable to spot any wild animals and returned back sans a photo. “But when we would get a chance to spot one, it would give immense pleasure,” says Jain.

Through this book, he also wants to stress on the need for wildlife and nature preservation, which he terms as an important cause in today’s day and age. “Through this book, I have tried to highlight the importance of preserving the environment, so that these beautiful creatures can continue to survive in their natural habitat. My intention was also to raise awareness among the public about the existence of these animals and their habitat,” he says, while reiterating the importance of living in harmony with nature and not against it. “There is immense beauty worldwide, which is fast disappearing due to the shift in climate,” says Jain, who along with his mother Rina, has previously co-authored two books titled ‘A Photographic Guide to Birds of Goa’, to highlight the abundant beauty in nature in all forms.

With his latest book, readers will have an opportunity to develop their interest further and get first-hand information of what to expect when visiting these parks, says Jain. “‘My Wildlife Odyssey – A Photographic Journey’ is a glimpse into what is out there in nature – filled with beauty, colourful and various species of feathered creatures, the harmony of seeing animals co-exist and how they help each other to survive, and how they provide a livelihood,” he says. Readers will also get to see how preserved the national parks devoid of plastic waste and human developments. “This is a completely different world compared to what we see in everyday life in busy cities,” he says.