From working in the pharma sector to leaving it all behind to pursue a career in hair and makeup, Decima D’Costa proves that it’s never too late to follow your dreams


Neither motherhood nor her background in science could stop Decima D’Costa from exploring her lifelong passion for fashion and beauty. Today, with a career in makeup spanning four years, the Mapusa-based mother of twin girls is slowly and steadily gaining momentum in the field.

“Makeup was always a passion but being a science student I was encouraged to build a career in the same field. So I went on to graduate in microbiology, but I didn’t stop experimenting on myself,” says D’Costa.

As her daughters grew up, D’Costa found free time at hand. So at her husband’s prompting, she decided to pursue a basic hairstyling and makeup course. “I was happy to find that encouragement through my husband who took care of the home and the girls when I was learning a skill that I always wanted to master,” she says.

She candidly admits that even after completing her course it wasn’t easy finding work. “Today it is all about word of mouth and about being out there and showcasing your work,” she says, adding that it was Prasad Pankar who she first approached and who gave her the opportunity to work for his shoots. Today, along with brides and several models from Goa – including second runner up World Beauty Queen 2019, Nakita Fernandes – whom she has had the pleasure of dolling up, she has also worked with designer Monty Sally.

“I like to customise looks based on the theme, or what the client expects,” she says is what sets her apart. D’Costa is of the opinion that one can never stop learning in this field that has so many new techniques, tools, styles unfolding every day. “I started doing a few bridal orders here and there, but I always try to do my best and not worry about the money but the end result and satisfaction of the person I am working with or on,” she says.

It’s important to be on social media, she emphasises. While D’Costa lets her work speak for itself, she is yet to strategise using social media and prefers to follow gurus in the field like Kennedy Hoffmann, a makeup artist from Brazil and Dzheykum Babaev a hairstylist from Russia. “It is important to stay abreast with what is happening around you and the latest trends, so I make it a point to participate in master classes as and when time permits,” she says.

As a mom, D’Costa makes sure that either she or her husband who is in the music industry are there for their two daughters when needed. She adds that she has now how to handle work at home and her profession with ease.

Speaking about what’s currently in vogue, she tells us that today most girls like nude lips and smokey eyes, which has been trending for quite some time. D’Costa suggests different styles and ideas, to break away from the monotony, but adds that the client takes the final call. Airbrush makeup is also catching up a lot these days, she says. “It’s all about honouring your client and making her feel exactly like what she has imagined herself to be,” D’Costa says. However, while product and quality matter in this industry, she also says that the weather is as important as the products and methods used, thus stressing on the knowledge of understanding what works well in the winter and summer.

“I am happy to be a party in this beauty field, and though I’ve set my foot in it late, I am here to stay, and will only get better as my passion has only reached another level, and I want to better myself,” she concludes.




“It was Decima who taught me how to do my own make up before my international pageant. She made my works really simple and she has a role to play in my victory too. She is extremely passionate about her work and is very humble and fun to be around.”

  • Nakita Fernandes, second runner up World Beauty Queen 2019

“What sets Decima apart is her quest to be the best and to be different, her thirst to learn more and more, her positive mindset, her genuineness and integrity. We have been working together for more than three years now and I have found a huge improvement in her work. That’s because she doesn’t stop at knowing what she has already learned. She goes out there to learn more things and to keep abreast with the latest trends and techniques. The best thing about her is that she does her work quietly and speaks only when spoken to. Once her work is done, you won’t know whether she is on set or not. It’s a quality every make-up artist should possess.”

  • Prasad Pankar, fashion photographer, Mapusa

(Pic By: Hemant Parab)