Hanging out with friends during the pandemic isn’t as simple as one has to keep a lot of things in mind before stepping out of the house. NT KURIOCITY asked a few youngsters where they hang out with their friends and how they socialise safely

One of the things that I missed during the lockdown was hanging out with my friends. The only way to stay connected was through video conferencing and social media. Now that the movement of people and some public places has started, hanging out with friends has also resumed. Rather than restaurants I prefer places like parks or where less crowding of people is possible. Even though the lockdown has been lifted, the numbers of corona cases are still rising every day. It is clear that it will take time for things to get back to normal, due to which I prefer socialising safely by taking necessary precautions like maintaining safe distance, wearing mask, practicing good hygiene, avoiding large groups of people and maintaining proper sanitisation. I also avoid eating or drinking outside as it could lead to compromised immunity.

Shruti Verlekar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Socialising and meeting friends has really not been possible in the COVID-19 times. I haven’t stepped out of my home much, expect for when there was a need for essential items. We are aware that people in Goa do not follow the norms of social distancing and some still don’t bother to wear a mask. At the rate at which the virus is spreading, it would not make sense to meet friends and put their lives at risk as well. So phone calls, video calls and social media are the only ways through which I am in contact with my friends.

Daisy Fernandes, electronics and telecommunication engineer, Rachol

Since COVID-19 has reached every corner of the state, with more than 2642 active cases, it’s not the right time to hang out with friends. Hanging out once could lead to be quarantined for 14 days. Even though I miss hanging out with my friends, this is the time where we have to be patient about our wanderlust. Hiking in non-crowded places is good but there are many other ways to socialise in these times like playing online games with friends, watching web series, having virtual meetings, etc.

Uttam Dayanand Parsekar, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi

During the lockdowns I did not go out anywhere to hang out with my friends but after lockdown was lifted, I bought a carrom board and now we are at home most of the time. Two of my friends from my neighbourhood come to my place daily. I make sure they use hand sanitiser as soon as they enter my house and being responsible citizens they always wear a mask when they step out of their homes.

Sanket Killekar, software engineer, Vasco

In these times of COVID-19 my phone has become my new hangout destination, just like I used to hang out at different places before now those places are replaced by different applications. And making memories has been replaced with sharing old ones but just like the new leaves that adorn the tree after the withering of old ones these days too shall pass.

Avin Anant Pai Kane, resident of Goa Velha studying at the Angadi School of Architecture (ASA), Belagavi