With online classrooms and e-learning slowly becoming the new normal, NT KURIOCITY asks youngsters what they miss the most and even took for granted in the pre-corona days

With online classes and e-learning becoming the new normal, I have started to realise the importance of classroom teaching, the bond between the student and teacher, the way our teachers kept our minds engaged in the classroom and made lectures interesting to learn, and I guess that’s one of the things my peers and I definitely took for granted. As online lectures are new for us, teachers and students struggle to adjust to the new environment. With that being said I really miss having fun with friends during recess and the sports we played during sports hour.

Pranav Patil, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Last year I was in class 11 and so there weren’t many things that could be taken for granted since classes 11 and 12 are the life changing years for any student. I am going to answer the JEE, next year, so for me not much needed to be taken for granted. The list of joys I am missing is endless. To name a few of the enjoyable moments were the jokes our teachers cracked during their classes, the way we enjoyed learning in school with day-to-day examples, etc. I also miss the joyful moments spent with my friends. My mind does not let me forget the time we played with a staff member of own school after class hours. I hope to go to school once again as soon as possible and enjoy life as it was earlier before the pandemic came into existence.

Ved Chetan Khandeparkar, GVMs Adarsh Higher Secondary School, Ponda

I miss my school very much. I miss friends, teachers and school activities, school playground, etc, and the explanation of the teachers, written and oral tests. I can’t concentrate on my studies because of noisy situations. School was better than home.

Ayana Pinto, St Clara’s High School, Assonora

Our lives have forever changed by the pandemic. When you’re stripped off your daily routine, you begin to reflect on all the small things you took for granted. At that time they seemed insignificant, but now all I want is to experience those small aspects of life again. I miss being able to see and do things without being afraid that I might get sick. I took for granted simple things like waking up early for school, talking and socialising with friends, running around the basketball court, saying ‘see you tomorrow’ to my friends, these are the feelings I miss. I hope that our normal will come back soon.

Andrea Marie Colaco, resident of Vasco staying in Dubai

They say you never know the value of what you have until you lose it. I have been inside the house for 120 days, looking out the window hoping for the good old days to come back soon. I used to grumble all the time, ‘why do I have to wake up early? Why don’t I get to play with my phone,’ etc. I miss the race to get the window seat in the bus. I miss seeing my teachers ‘good morning’ smile, sitting with friends in class, and most of all I miss the school playground.

Harvey Johnson, Regina Mundi High School, Vasco

Our classes have started online and our teachers are doing such a wonderful job in teaching us even through this method. I always thought that school education could only be received in school classrooms but today we are attending classes from the safety of our homes, but I still miss going to school. I miss the personal interactions with my friends and teachers, the games we played on the school ground and playroom, and the various activities. I wish and pray this pandemic ends quickly and we are be able to attend regular school once again.

Adarsh Joseph, Deepvihaar High School, Vasco

Online classes are totally opposed to the classroom. I just loved to attend the assembly and morning prayer, and meeting friends and rushing to the classroom after the assembly. I miss playing football on the playground.

Krish Jadhav, Deepvihaar High School, Vasco