By Lynn Rodrigues


Just a four letter word
One could just kill it with a sword
But why should one be so absurd?
Life isn’t always a bed of roses
Gotta face life as it discloses
Sometimes might be hectic as it approaches
Merely embrace with courage and determination
You’ll know its worth it
Everyone has problems
You think you’ve got ninety nine and  others  one
But that’s not the way to see it
Gotta reverse your perspective towards it
This beautiful gift
One should respect it
Sing, Plaly, Enjoy and Praise
You’ll know life is just amaze
Lift is short, it goes on
Do not predict it rather create it
You’ll make mistakes, but stand up and  move with no brakes
We  only live once
Be cheerful as life comes
Because wonderful things are yet to bounce


(Writer is a class 12 science student at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panaji)