In view of safety, security, defence, sovereignty and integrity of India and to protect data and privacy of Indians, the Government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including top social media platform TikTok. NT KURIOCITY asked a few youngsters for their take on the matter

The government has banned certain apps in India to protect our privacy, which is of major concern. The government has valid reasons and definitely would not have taken such measures without any research/investigation. I strongly suggest everyone stop using such apps. So let’s start the ‘Swatchh Smartphone Abhiyan’ by deleting the banned apps.


Warren Gratus Martin, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Cyber world is a part of geopolitics. Chinese apps like TikTok, UC Browser, etc, were a threat to India’s security as their main concern seems to be the collection of user data and unauthorised sharing of the same to hostile nations. Government should take similar steps to boycott the development of China with respect to India.


Gaurav Kinnerkar, Ganpat Parsekar College Of Education, Arambol

The decision taken by the government has my full and thorough support. This decision opens up the market to a full range of spectrum. The Indian companies now have a vacancy of 59 applications to fill. This will give new job opportunities to every tier of skill. After this decision if you’re unemployed then there wasn’t any lack of jobs, you were simply unskilled. Also, for the people who are complaining about the downsides to this ban; I would like to tell them that the upsides overpower here. Hopefully, it’s implemented soon and the public goes back to the new Indian normal.


Vinay Kumar Yadav, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Government’s decision of banning the Chinese apps is totally correct because at the time of installation we grant different permissions like access to location, microphone, camera and most importantly- the media gallery, which means the application can access data of user anytime without users’ consent. This can result in blackmailing in future by companies or the companies can even sell the user data to third parties as we have witnessed the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scam in 2018. And very important data related to our countries defence and security can be saved from the defence personals and people working in DRDO, ISRO, BARC and other government organisations and can be given to the Chinese intelligence agencies or even sold to Pakistan. Banning such apps will reduce espionage activities and revenue generated by Indian customers. TikTok videos have shown animal abuse, body shaming and have also spoiled religious peace in society. Our youth have been wasting their time on TikTok. I urge people to support the ban as the country’s safety, defence and pride are at stake.


Omkar Kambli, Ribandar

I think that banning just 59 app will not be enough; there are more that should be banned. Data and privacy are shared unknowingly by individuals. In this era of growing technology and artificial intelligence, our data can be misused by someone without our permission. And countries like China itself have strict policies regarding data where all the data that is collected by an app has to be given to its government.


Nehal Chari, filmmaker, Dabolim

Banning of 59 Chinese apps is one of the concrete decisions taken by the Central Government. After all, the nation comes first. The government should also take a step in banning both imports as well as exports to China. And as Indians, I feel we should strongly support this by buying only Indian products.


Tejas V Pandit, Vasco

A lot of Chinese apps have been under the scanner for quite some time for collecting data without the user’s permission and sending it back to their companies in China. This data can range from website history to call recordings. It is high time the government takes cyber security seriously. Banning these apps is definitely a move in the right direction. Apart from this it is also a violation of each individual’s privacy as most of the time they have no Idea of when and what is being recorded by these apps. It is our duty as responsible citizens of this nation to stop the use of these apps immediately and find alternative apps preferably made in India.


Isha Kolwalkar, Goa Business School, Goa University