February 29 comes every four years, NT KURIOCITY asks a few Goans what they will do this year to remember the day until the next leap year

Life is really unpredictable and you never know about the next day. So I’m not sure whether I will be there for the next leap year or not. So for this year to celebrate my ‘leap’ I am going for a concert to make my lovely and ‘leapy’ month end a memorable one.

Agnes Fatima Pinto, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru

My mother never let up a chance to throw a gathering for mundane events. As a 19-year-old away from home I decided to live up to her traditions so I plan to make this 29th an irreplaceable day etched in my memory. For starters me and my group of four introvert friends have reserved a table at Hammers after having a meal worth our time we will leave for our destination – Reis Magos Fort, which is surrounded by an ever expanding border of sea. Here we will listen to nostalgic songs sung along with wrong lyrics as much as humanly possible and experiencing nothing but pure bliss; search for stray hungry dogs to feed leftovers too all the while trying to find inner peace laying down on the cool sand; and enjoy every detail of the infinite constellations of stars while being enticed by the roaring sound of the waves crashing through like thunder rumbling.

Akeeb Saudagar, resident of Margao studying at KLE Dental College, Bengaluru

Jump on it! Because this year is a leap year. Well, you have a whole extra day. The day can be a perfect excuse to catch up or get together with friends. What better time? It isn’t a national holiday but an astrological one. Guess what? February 29 is a Saturday, so apart from my daily schedule I still get a lot of time to make my leap day a memorable one. Ever heard of a time capsule letter? Okay for example, a leap day time capsule letter is where in you write a letter for your next leap day which you will seal and open in four years. I’m on it because it’s amazing to know how much you can change and grow in that time. Including where I’m at present, and the things I wish to do in the next four years. Apart from this it would be a perfect time to go outside into the night sky and gaze at the wondrous stars, also making a wish is a must.

Mayuri Gaurav, resident of St Cruz Panaji studying at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Belgaum

I would like to spend time with my family as the day comes only once every four years. I would like to make it as memorable as possible. The parish youth of our village will also be visiting the orphanage so that we can make some memories with them.

Josuvy Afonso, Goa University

A date so rare that it comes once every four years should definitely be made a memorable one! I would turn it into a memory by planting a mango or a jackfruit sapling and watch it grow every year, till the calendar turns to the next February 29 where I get to eat and share the fruit, and live the memory all over again. Besides, this act will not just serve as a memory, but also do so much good for the environment! Imagine every person planting one sapling on February 29. I would also like to add another activity, and that is, winemaking, and then let it age for four years till the next leap year, to open it, share it and say Cheers!

Eslinda Fernandes, vocational teacher, St Andrews HSS, Vasco

Well, nothing very great would I do to remember February 29. Every morning when we get out of our bed it is a new day, a fresh day that has new beginnings, new motives, new aspirations and new tasks to do. As an amateur gardener and plant lover I would love to give myself some very unique plants as a token of remembrance of February 29. I would grow and take care of the plant until the next leap year. Checking the growth of the plant would be my achievement until then and a satisfaction of adopting a plant on this significant day would give me a sigh of relief. So, basically a little step towards a better and healthy world.

Kishan Mangeshkar, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Margao

In an era where life has become very hectic, an extra day is an exciting opportunity. I am going to spend this day exploring places with my fun-loving friends. I feel having an experience of a lifetime is important because when the next February 29 comes along all these memories would be lived again. Thinking about them will bring a smile to my face. Basically, the focus of this 29th is to ‘Live in the moment’ and cherish it for the lifetime.

Vishvaja Phaldessai, Goa College of Engineering, Ponda

Leap year or not, orphans always sleep without the shelter of their parents. This leap year, I have decided to spend at least one day every three months to get a smile on these children’s faces with some wonderful gifts. Their smiles not only will be remembered this year, but every day.

Mugdha Kamat, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao