The government has banned production, import and sale of e-cigarettes. NT KURIOCITY asked Goan youth whether tobacco/regular cigarettes should be banned as well

Be it e-cigarettes or conventional tobacco cigarettes, they should be restricted as a whole. Conventional cigarettes are far more harmful than e-cigarettes. Their easy availability leads to more people indulging in smoking, especially the younger generation. Banning e-cigarettes has now left an open choice for smokers to move back to conventional cigarettes, thus increasing the risks of chronic ailments. If the government has imposed a ban citing health reasons then conventional cigarettes should have topped that list.

Alisa Da Costa, Margao

Both e-cigarettes and tobacco/normal cigarettes are harmful and can cause cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, weakened immune system and various health problems. They are both are addictive, but the tobacco/normal cigarettes should have been banned first as they are more harmful, really cheap and easily available in the market.

Leticia Mascarenhas, Calangute

It’s good that the government has decided to impose a ban on tobacco free nicotine e-cigarettes. But will this ban really be successful? Today the average Indian picks up his/her first cigarette by the age of 15 and the Indian Government generates close to a 40 crore revenue annually from normal cigarette sales. This ban would have actually made more sense if the government could make a comprehensive effort to ban both, e-cigarettes as well as normal tobacco and nicotine cigarettes. Simply banning a derivative of it to bank on the big bucks from the latter side only seems like mere eyewash.

Priyanka Fernandes, assistant professor, Raia

It is a good decision to ban e-cigarettes, but why just e-cigarettes? The government should ban the sale of normal cigarettes and other tobacco-based products as they are more harmful than e-cigarettes. As per World Health Organization (WHO), 12 per cent of world smokers are from India. And a whopping 10 million Indians lose their life due to use of tobacco every year. I feel the government needs to come down more heavily on the sale of tobacco products and cigarettes. Out rightly banning the sale of it might have adverse effects as tobacco is addictive and people can’t just stop consuming it. So the government needs to formulate a plan and ban the sale of it in a phased manner.

Melroy Simoes, Assagao

It is good that e-cigarettes are being banned but now the government should also ban tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco smoking has caused millions of deaths. Not just active smokers but passive smokers too are widely affected. Cigarettes ban will eventually reduce healthcare expenses and also the risk of lung diseases. It will also play a major role in the protection of environment. It would be an effective measure if government come forward to implement legislation banning tobacco cigarettes.

Pranita Bhosle, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

The ban on e-cigarettes might be in relation to the growing number of e-cigarette malfunction incidents that are occurring all over the globe. These incidents solely occur due to the lack of safety regulations in the manufacturing of these devices. Normal cigarettes should be banned as well since this will be a step in the right direction to reduce the deaths caused in our populace due to smoking related ailments. Practically though, a ban on tobacco/conventional cigarettes will cause a massive drop in tax revenue obtained from the sales tobacco and tobacco related products making such a drastic decision to be not feasible.

Omkar Pai, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Using an e-cigarette is known as vaping and the user is referred as a vaper. E-cigarettes are safer than combusted tobacco products, contains fewer toxic chemicals, vapour is less harmful to users and bystanders. There are reasons e-cigarette may be enticing to young people, for example: many teens believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking, have a lower per cost than traditional cigarette, vape cartridge are formulated with flavourings that appeal to young users. Most people who intended to use e-cigarette to kick the nicotine habit ended up continuing to smoke both traditional and e-cigarette.

Nilangi Netravalkar, Panaji

In our society, the youth start smoking just because it seems cool and when they get a hang of it they are addicted to it. This is how our generation are racing towards their graves. The Union Cabinet’s approval to ban e-cigarettes is just a start. I say we ban cigarettes too because this has a serious ill effect on the youth. However, this step cannot be taken hurriedly as the tobacco industry is huge and shutting it down suddenly will cause major unemployment. Hence, government should take adequate steps.

Gautam Bhat, Taleigao