Andhra Pradesh has become the first state to pass bill to reserve 75 per cent of jobs to locals in all industries in the state. NT KURIOCITY asked Goan youngsters if Goa should enforce a law on similar lines

Goa should introduce a similar bill as jobs available for local youths are sometimes taken away by people from neighbouring states. Goa Government should take initiatives to introduce skill development programmes so that youth have appropriate skills required by the industry. The bill should also have component of giving incentives to businessmen who promote and nurture local talent.

Rudresh Natekar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

I have always been against reservations of any kind in education and jobs sectors. These areas play a major role in steering the growth of the country whether in positive or negative directions. So if we want our country to do better on every front it will be wise to educate and employ the best human resources from these sectors. Reservation for locals is like adding a brand new chapter in reservation quota politics. On one side we see the cancerous outcomes of the already exiting reservation system and on the other side we support such activities. These are just political stunts which ultimately would destroy the future of our country. If all allotments are to be done through reservations than why do we even need to give value to skills of people because no matter what, deserving candidates would never get what they are supposed to get. I say, let the private sectors decide their own ways of recruitments. Private institutions work better than government because they value skills and knowledge more than your caste, creed, religion and the area of your origin. They need more of skilled employees and not those who get in through reservations.

Kishan Mangeshkar, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Goa too should consider passing such a bill. We have graduates from different fields being jobless or moving out of the state and the country because there are no jobs in our own state. This bill will promote hiring locals and the state government can focus on skill development of the youth to validate their employability. The bill states that if the company does not find necessary skills in locals, then it will need to train them in association with the state government- this clause takes care of probable shortcomings.

Aayushi Naik, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi

In spite of the literacy rate being high in Goa, a major chunk of the youth are facing employment crisis. Introducing a similar bill like Andhra Pradesh did will contribute towards reducing the graph of unemployment in Goa to a certain extent. It will help unemployed youth to get employed and will provide them with an opportunity to work on their home ground. Also, this will curtail the migration rate of local youth, seeking employment elsewhere, thus improving Goa’s economy since it will raise the per capita income of the state.

Renessa Souza, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Goa should not pass a similar bill if it means merit and ability isn’t going to be considered. There’s no doubt that employment in the state would increase by such a move, but it will give rise to incompetence at a huge level across all affected sectors. This single con outweighs all possible pros. No one is responsible for someone’s ineligibility due to their ability for a particular job except the said person. No establishment should be obliged to hire a person inefficient for the job just because the person is a local.

Paras Volvoikar, Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi

It sounds amazing that 75 per cent jobs are reserved to the locals but there will be many drawbacks if the Goa government takes this decision. For example: Employer will not be able to find true talent. Hence, companies will have to invest a lot of money to train employees. And there is no guarantee that employee will remain in the same company for a long term, the company will be in a loss. You never know after few years issue on employment of reserved categories may come up and general category will be at loss automatically.

Nilangi Netravalkar, Panaji

Goa shouldn’t introduce a bill. The reason being that making a law that mandates industries in Goa to employ 80 per cent of their workforce from the local population would violate the constitution. This violates Article 19 of Constitution. It would not remain unchallenged in the court. We have to accept the Indian Constitution and 80 per cent reservations for Goans in industrial employment cannot stand the test of law. Secondly, people from outside are coming to Goa in search of jobs. State is in the process of training the youth as per the industry requirement through department of Skill Development. So I think jobs should be allotted on the basis of skills, capabilities, potentialities and work quality of the candidates.

Maheera Shaikh, Mormugao Education Society, Vasco

Definitely, such a bill should be introduced soon. But the questions is whether our government will even think about it as the government starts different projects and No Objection Certificate (NOCs) are issued giving hope to locals, especially the youth that it will generate jobs. And it does generate jobs but not for locals (Goans) but of migrants and others. Politicians assure jobs to people of neighbouring states but the fact is they can’t promise jobs to the local youth. Thus, this bill is a need of the hour as most of our Goan youth are unemployed.

Tejas V Pandit, Don Bosco College Of Engineering, Fatorda

Goa should introduce a bill like they did in Andhra Pradesh but with an additional cut off of 75 per cent. This will encourage students to study well and people going out for employment will also decrease and take our state and country towards success.

Vishwanath Varde Borkar, P E S College Of Arts & Science, Farmagudi