There are various apps available on mobiles in different categories and these can help one simplify a range of tasks. As some of these apps are used every day NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few youngsters to know their favourite mobile applications and why they use them

My favourite app is most definitely Instagram. I spend most of my time on that app mostly because of the hilarious memes that are shared every day by friends. One sees many relatable posts and can like and share them. Although it started out as a platform to share pictures with special effects, it now has everything from video calling to group chats to sharing live videos. It is probably used more than Facebook and WhatsApp.

Stefanie Carvalho, Panaji

Gone are the days when people waited to see photos of a party happening in another city. Gone are those days when an international call was not so often made as it was expensive. In today’s time, WhatsApp is a big revolution. WhatsApp has almost put an end to SMS packs which were once famous for offering 100 free SMSs per day. It has put an end to not calling your friend or family member who lives overseas. With WhatsApp one can share videos, photos, news or any other media. A parent can see what his child is doing 4000 kilometres away within seconds as video calling is a great feature which makes you miss your loved one a little less as you virtually talk to them. With communication made easy and affordable, the world has indeed become a small village.

Shwetang Nadkarni, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Friendship means a lot to me. Whenever I am having a good time with family or colleagues, I often like to share with my friends pictures of what I am doing. Snapchat lets me do this in real time. I share photos, videos and more. It has great filters which one can enjoy and it definitely awakens the child within you. There is a craze of building and maintaining streaks with your buddies. This helps friends stay in touch. Such apps indeed help people to stay in touch with friends and share happy moments.

Atul Fatania, Porvorim

Besides Quora and Pinterest some of my favourite apps are Spotify, Shein, Tap In and Sky Guide. These are some of the apps I have started using recently. Spotify offers music and podcasts from a variety of artistes. It’s a really good app to explore music. If you don’t have much time to go out and shop, Shein will never disappoint you. Besides clothing, the accessories they offer are just great. Tap In is another app I came across recently. We all have stress and we do feel like meditating but we don’t really do that. Tap In calls you for live meditation sessions and helps you relieve your stress. For those who have a thing for the night sky, just like I do, Sky Guide is the app for you. It is a star and constellation guide that shows you what’s in your night sky.

Saichha Gavande, Goa Medical College, Bambolim

One of my most favourite apps is YouTube as it has got a lot of visual content like news, entertainment, tutorial and more. This app has helped me learn and get in touch with the day-to-day culture and news of the world. And second app that I really like is WhatsApp. This app has brought a new kind of advancement it the find of communication. Today people can chat, call, video call and share media such as images and videos all in a single app and that too so quick.

Nehal Chari, artist and filmmaker, Dabolim

I really like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as it lets me edit my photos the same way I could if I used Photoshop. I can also make presets which is great because I can colour grade all my pictures equally (this helps to make Instagram pictures aesthetic. Plus, I can save them in high quality and print them out. Also it’s free and very user-friendly.

Lyann D’Souza, Porvorim

YouTube is one of my most used and favourite app. There are many informative and entertaining videos available. As an engineering student, if I don’t understand some concepts on the first go I go on YouTube and seek clarity there. If I want to buy any product, YouTube also serves as a good platform for reviews of phones, cars, bike, etc. This helps buyers make a better decision when buying a product.

Mithilesh Nayak, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

The whole mobile ecosystem has made life so much easier thanks to many apps that have been designed and developed by countless developers across platforms be it Google s Android or Apple’s iOS. Some of my favourite apps that are available on both Android and iOS include Shazam: This is one app that every music lover should have it installed on their devices. It helps you identify songs playing around you and also provides you the top charts of various languages. Also you can add up your friends and check out on what new tunes they’ve been searching around for, PhonePe: In this modern online connected world payments have become so much easier to do. The app has a lot of uses; you can order food, do shopping, book a movie and even hire out cabs and lastly, Microsoft’s suite of apps: We’ve all used these programs on our systems since school days when we’ve been taught about it. The mobile suite is the most practical and useful product ever developed. Easy to use and on the go edit, create and share options which are saved automatically onto your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. More over these are free to use.

Joshua D’souza, Mapusa