A few seats are reserved for ladies in local and government buses. These seats don’t really have any age limit. At times girls of any age can ask an older male passenger vacate the seat. NT KURIOCITY spoke to a few youngsters to know if they think it is fair for a college going girl to ask an older man to vacate the seat because it is reserved. Should there be more seats reserved for senior citizens as compared to the ‘ladies only’ seats?

The scenario described above isn’t what happens every day. Not every girl would do that and if something like that happens then the elderly man can take the seat reserved for him. The reason why there was an increase in reservation of seats for women was because of cases of molestation. If you’re a girl taking the bus everyday you would know how uncomfortable it gets sometimes. I’m pretty sure almost all the girls have experienced being touched inappropriately or groped. It’s sad but true. Hence, it’s important to understand that the issue is much bigger than it appears. Before changing the number of reserved seats the buses should be made safer for the girls so that no girl is in a situation that leads to elderly man having to get up.

Lurida Parado, Carmel College, Nuvem

Recently news showed a school girl harassed by men in the bus, and that girl is mentally disturbed. I too have faced harassment when travelling by bus. If the government doesn’t keep reserved seats for women then I’m sure a lot of women will face molestation and harassment every day. And I totally agree that there should more seats reserved for women because 90 per cent of women either use the bus to go to work, school or college. Coming to seats reserved for senior citizens in the bus, the government has already provided concessions on bus fare and reserved seats.

Rukayya Kanamasure, Vasco

First of all, since we have a separate line for senior citizens, there should be a couple of seats reserved for them. In case there’s an elderly person standing, on humanitarian grounds, one should offer his/her seat.

Brendan Peroz, Junior Resident Pathology, Goa Medical College, Bambolim

I travel regularly by bus and have noticed that many times elder men have to stand and travel since there’s just one senior citizen seat. I feel seats should be reserved for pregnant women, handicapped persons and the aged. At times girls don’t even occupy the reserved seats and instead sit in general seats. When this happens, elderly men can’t sit in the ladies seats and have to stand and travel. How is that fair? It’s also interesting that the youth talk about equality and then fight for ladies’ seat. And even if they continue with ladies seats I think women should occupy those seats first and then sit on other general seats, hence reducing the possibility of elderly men having to stand and travel.

Akhil Sawant, Ponda

It’s very bad on the part of young girls to make elderly men stand. During old age a person’s health deteriorates and it’s not fair to make him to stand. However, if a lady wants to sit because she is ill there is a way in which she can approach to any person, for that matter why only an elderly person? We should carry our morals and never drift away from them as there is karma for everything that we do. Everything that goes around comes around in some form or the other.

Josuvy Afonso, Goa University

It is not fair for a college going girl to ask an elderly man to get up because the seat is reserved for her. But this also depends on each individual. A girl with great respect and honour for elders would never ask an elderly man to get up but a girl with poor respect and honour for elders would do so. I think there should be four senior citizen seats only and four ladies seats only and not just one ladies seat. Equality matters, also senior citizens and women are still seen as weaker sections of society. Yes, senior citizen seats should be for both men and women. If these seats are not occupied by senior citizens then I think other people, young adults travelling in the bus can occupy these seats but if an elderly man or woman enters the bus then they should have the courtesy to stand up and offer the seat to them. Same applies for ladies seat, but I think an elderly man can sit on a ladies seat if all the senior citizen seats and other seats are occupied.

Jesuina Dias, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Women in this country see themselves no lesser than men, they demand equal rights, then why should they have reservation based on gender? The Delhi government had made a decision to make metro travel free of cost for women, I strongly disagree with that move. I do feel that for the buses in Goa, the reserved seats for female have to be removed. Instead we can keep one seat reserved for a female passenger, and one for a pregnant woman and the remaining reserved seats should be strictly reserved for senior citizen. Government should actually reconsider this.

Ruturaj Samant, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

It’s not correct for a young girl to ask an old man to get up. It is against our principles. One should not misuse the facilities offered to them. And yes it is better to have four senior citizens seats only because the new generation has no respect for our elders as earlier generations had, and they do not offer their seat. Also, the number of seats of ladies only can be reduced.

Ramnath Nayak, Goa Engineering College, Ponda