The younger generation these days tends to care less about politics. When asked about their views on politics, the immediate response is, “I am not into politics or politics is bad”. NT KURIOCITY asked the youth whether we really understand the broader aspect of politics and how important is it for the younger generation to actually take a keen interest in politics and observe what’s happening in the country

The youth represent more than 50 per cent of our population and it’s time we realise our power and use it wisely. The present political scenario is terribly mixed up with religion and we have started associating political parties with particular religions. This needs to stop immediately to save democracy from going to the dogs. We need to be aware of which candidate/party is playing with religious sentiments to garner votes and not fall for their words. It’s time we start giving more importance to humanity than religion, and I believe the youth as a whole can save our country from this religious fanaticism only when we have a clear understanding of what’s happening in the present political scenario.

Archana Kumar, Goa University

As per the dictionary, politics is activities, actions and polices that are used to hold or gain power for influencing society towards better future. But today politics is just about holding or gaining power for oneself. Today the youth think politics is about power and dirty games are played by dominant candidates. The youth of today are ignorant and not well versed with current affairs. I think we should clear the concept on politics and actually get into it to prove its actual meaning for a better society.

Amogh Karapurkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

We don’t understand the broader aspect of politics because politics is not only power. Everything we do in our day-to-day life is due to politics. I’m a second year student of MA Public Policy and what I’ve learned in the first year is that making policies is not just a mere political act, it needs to be based on social needs, have an economic rationale and an understanding of the historical background. It is very important for youth to have a keen interest in politics because our country is facing a demographic dividend – a majority of our population our young. We will rule the world’s largest democracy tomorrow and bring change. For me politics is a sphere that affects all other spheres.

Agnes Fatima Pinto, resident of Vasco studying in Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru

For me politics plays a vital role in everybody’s life. It gets included in everything. We can say that we breathe and live politics as it gets included in our family set up, various institutions, etc. Wherever there is hierarchical social set up involved, politics comes into play. It is because of politics that citizens of a nation have various roles and responsibilities. Once a person is born in a particular nation and family, he/she becomes a part of politics in one form or the other.

Siffonia D’mello, Goa University

The youth have been a part of active politics during times of major reforms in the world. We have fresh and innovative mindset with more energy and zeal to work towards nation building. But unfortunately many times the youth do understand the importance of politics because it’s highly associated to corruption and malpractices. Politics is not very accessible to commoners and those who are dominated by successors of veteran politicians. Secondly, there are no proper incentives for political participation and threat to life is an issue for those who are sincere. Policies for the youth are decided by old politicians who can’t relate to contemporary problems, such issues drive the youth away from politics.

Kishan Mangeshkar, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Opinions of the youth are very important. They depend on social media and their peer’s opinions to make political decisions. Nowadays it is very important that they know about the politics in a broader sense. Politics for me is smooth governance without corruption or manipulation of society for personal benefits.

Meblish Fernandes, São José de Areal

Having knowledge about politics is of utmost importance. The government enforces policy decisions, so it is essential to know about the different political ideologies and hence the political parties because that decides how a society will be organised and how the rules will be formulated. Reading newspapers, watching prime time debates, interviews of politicians, and watching assembly sessions are the main sources of improving knowledge. It is also important to understand the basic structure of legislation. According to me the best age to start reading about politics is 14 -15 years as political science is included in secondary curriculum and it is easier to relate to things when they are taught in the classroom. I started watching Assembly sessions in 2011 when I was 13 and the role of late Manohar Parrikar as a constructive opposition leader during that tenure motivated me and hence I developed an interest in politics.

Shaunak Pai Kane, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

When I first started learning political science my overview of politics changed. I was told politics is a dirty game and educated people should avoid it, especially women. Politics is not a game but an ability to use power for betterment. I love politics and am interested in commenting on the circumstances in the political world. Youngsters have to join politics and work for society and understand the broader concept of politics.

Rajlaxmi Bhatkar, VM Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar