By Astrid Anna Pinheiro


Her feet have had the best treat,

Worn platforms with the wedges,

Adorned with spurs and bright badges,

Red and gold hues,

All sorts of exotic shoes,

A creation of the heavenly muse.


Her life has known the good times,

To music she dances and prances,

Doing the most difficult exercises,

Up and about before the sun rises,

Walking miles in morning dew,

Through the day her face anew.


She spent a life of pleasure,

Her work was her leisure,

Days spent in help and nurture,

Training young minds,

Grooming their persona,

Still left with time for her to unwind.


Days of frolic and fun,

Riding under the Sun

All set for the race,

Struggling to keep pace,

Always on the brake,

To prevent a careless mistake.


Ah! Those were the days,

Reached twilight too soon,

Old and tired,

She gazes at the moon,

Reminiscing the bygone years,

Fill her with laughter and tears.