By Hyacinth Rodrigues


A fine line between a choice to make
The tussle between a decision to take,
Our choices define who we are
The consequences of which, impact near and far,
They say, “Read between the lines”
For which, you need to listen to vibes and signs
Your thoughts impact your actions
And that is how you end up with experiences and lessons,
In a world full of lies and glamour
The truth is always a rare reality to savour,
After all the efforts of being fabulous and sassy
What matters is “Are you happy?”
Being yourself is the best thing ever
Because there’s no need to fabricate and cover,
Do good or bad, people will always judge you
What matters is, whether you are strong or does it affect you?


(Writer is a past pupil of Don Bosco College, Panaji (Batch of 2014-2017))