A lot of youngsters from across India prefer to study in Goa while many Goans move away to study. NT KURIOCITY asked a few students their opinion on the education system in Goa, why they choose to study outside the State and what it’s like to move out of their home

Our Goa is indeed a place where every soul would love to be born, and studying here would be a chance to be here for at least some time in life and I think nobody would like to even part with this land that has the most hospitable people and the natural and cultural beauty. Staying away from home has thought me a lot. However, there can be nothing better than coming home at the end of the day.

Avin Anant Pai Kane, resident of Goa Velha studying at KLE Society’s C B Kore Polytechnic, Chikodi, Karnataka

People either move out of Goa because the course they’re looking for is probably not available in any of the colleges in Goa or because they’re looking for more exposure and more opportunities that some Goan colleges fail to provide. On the other hand, people from across the country, especially from the north come down in search of better opportunities as they face similar situations of not having good colleges in their hometowns or cannot get into good ones. Moving out of your home town is as much a challenge as it a privilege. There are a lot of obvious sacrifices one has to make which includes parting from things and the people you love. But in the end, it’s up to you to make those sacrifices worth it and make the most out of the opportunities that you get elsewhere.

Achintya Bhobe, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

The saying – ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ applies to life because youngsters are always comparing their current education systems to better ones, longing for improvement. The main reason why youngsters from across India want to pursue their studies in Goa is because it is one of the most likeable states in India. Goans are of the belief that Goa is not on par with the education and career opportunities in other metropolitan cities. Though Goa has a far better education system compared to rural areas across India, I personally feel that the education system in Goa has still a long way to go to match the standards in developed cities present all over the country. Sadly though, students have to move out of their homes for better career prospects and the only way to deal with this is to accept and adapt to the lifestyle.

Aditi Adwalpalkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Goa has in itself a very unique and refreshing atmosphere compared to any other state in India. The fascination of exploring the place on a long term and the opportunity of studying at the same time are what I feel attracts students here. Anybody would want to step out of their hometown to do new things which is the same in case of the Goans and those from others states. Each educational institution has its own style and approach of nurturing students. So it’s the individual’s choice to either stay back or move out.

Sangeetha H from Tamil Nadu, studying at Goa University

The education system in Goa is not well established, hence many students have to move outside for better facilities and learning. Yet many youngsters from outside come here to study, maybe because of the appeal of Goa being a party destination or for the sun and sea. The Goan educational system is not bad, it’s better than some but it’s not as good as others. 70 per cent of Goan students choose to stay here because of family and friends.

Shwetang Nadkarni, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Margao

Definitely educational system is better in Goa but its best for limited fields like IT or Hotel Management but what about other fields? Goans who prefers joining other fields, for example: Art and Design related fields have no alternative choice than going out and study in well know colleges for their ‘Dream plan’.

Isha Patil, resident of Taleigao studying at NIFT, Bengaluru

In Goa there is transparent education system compared to other states. Goa has one of the best colleges in their respective field (ie: Institute Of Maritime Studies situated at Vasco-da-Gama) which provides better learning opportunity and adds value to their personality. Outsiders have this stereotype thoughts so called ‘Peace of Mind’, some do their admission because of this reason which gives them privacy and further leads into alcohol consumption. Education here in Goa is far more affordable than in other states. It purely depends on the career path, Hotel Management aspirants prefer Goa as educational hub, while for professional careers such as CA, CS, the opportunities are better outside Goa. Other side is, since Goans colleges running out of seats which lead them to take admission outside the state to pursue their career.

Akhil Prabhu, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

It’s always said that no one likes what is being served on their plate while the neighbour’s plate always seems better. IT is for this reason many students from Goa move elsewhere. But there’s a mystery as to why other students travel to Goa to acquire graduation in subjects like engineering, etc. Our education system is good but not as versatile as the universities of Mumbai or Delhi. Some come to Goa because it is a safe place, most come here because Goa is envisioned as a party destination, and the saddest part it is that very few come here to study seriously. Many Goan students who go out for further studies find it difficult to adjust with the lifestyle and food habits elsewhere because there is no such place as Goa, where people are loving, caring and happy. Such an environment builds a great surrounding for wholesome development of the student.

Shivani Nadkarni, VM Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar