by Vidal D’Costa

‘Oh! What a fool I’ve been!’ thought John, as he lay bleedin’ outside a shack,
Blood streamed from the gapin’ stab wounds on his neck an’ from his back.
The young man’s troubles had begun the day he’d started visitin’ the matka den outside his tuition.
He’d indulged in it just for fun.
But, it’d slowly turned into an addiction.
Soon, he was gamblin’, tryin’ his luck at casinos.
Sometimes he’d win, other times Lady Luck dealt the hardest blows.
Speakin’ o’ blow, he was soon doin’ that too,
Huffin’ an’ dealin’, his greed for money soon grew.
Pickin’ up tricks o’ the trade, he could easily give the cops a slip,
An’ his poor parents couldn’t save ’im, cuz he was in too deep!
But one night on an isolated beach, he got into a fight with some shady folk,
They’d cheated John, not paid for their coke.
It’d ended brutally an’ now he lay gaspin’ in the blood-stained sand.
He couldn’t believe that this was the end!
Just a boy he was, so much he could’ve offered.
But he chose the wrong path an’ for this, he suffered.

(Writer is second year student at Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao.)