By Menosha Costa


I came with a dream
To change my life to an extreme
Happy was I as a young beautiful lady.
My life sailing like a ship that is constant and steady.

Days went by, months went by.
There came in streams of worldly pleasure
Passing my time and giving way for fake desires.
The seasons of life hit me hard,
With rain and the unmerciful sun tearing my soul apart.
Oh! How badly I wished to get to the start,
To begin once again with a bold new heart.

Alas! It was too late.
I was left at the mercy of unforgiving fate.
Dark grey clouds hovered over me
And lightening made my soul melancholy.
Oh! I had lost myself.

The rays of the sun seemed like a distant dream
My soul flowed away from it like a lifeless stream.
Oh! How I longed to get to what I used to be,
Walking into this world fearless and free.

So, you my friend are a pillar of concrete,
With endless people trying to break you apart.
No matter how unsteady was your beginning,
But be sure to write a beautiful journey, that’s worth reading.

Often, we laugh out loud with a heavy heart
That my friend is life’s greatest irony.
Follow your path with a determined heart
Or else you will say at the end,
I lost myself, Oh! I lost myself.

(Writer is an SYBA student at Don Bosco College, Panaji)