World Poetry Day was celebrated across the world yesterday. As a tribute to former Union Defence Minister and Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar NT KURIOCITY asked a few youngsters to pen poems on him

You made the tough decisions in times of feud
Through troubles and tribulations, you performed the best
Mr Parrikar, we express our deepest gratitude
It’s because of you that we can rest.

Through sleepless nights you trudged and trudged
You gave us strength when hope was bleak
And at countless times, you were judged
Yet before you, all opposition seemed weak.

You did it all, for a nation, not party
Faced the Surgical Strike which came as a test
Gracefully strode through the marsh, hale and hearty
It’s because of you, that we can rest.

Guiding us till the very end, an honourable soldier, you kept your word
One of the only knowledgeable entities, on this path lay your quest
And you did it with dignity, standing out from the herd
All this is because of you, so now, you can rest.

Joshua Chheda, Video Editor, Panaji


The real son of the Goan soil
Who would never let any Goan toil

His only motto was to see every Goan shine with the feeling
‘Every Goan is mine’

Just as simple as he was
Simple was his reach to the people too

Not only did he fight the elections for us
But fought the deadliest fight of all…with death itself, for he knew
We need to see the light more than we see the brew

To put this into perspective,
Maybe the lord himself was in need of him

Omkar Pai, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

December 13, 1955
A day and year
To remember by every Goan
Man who believed in
‘Less discussion and more action’

Steps of hard work
Started from Mapusa
And reached IIT Bombay
He never gave attention
To criticism and whatever they say.

Shaped Indian military,
Implemented One Rank One Pension Scheme,
With basic core of RSS teaching,
He fought with surgical strike and completed dream.

January 30 with a tube in his nose
He presented budget
With full Josh and hosh
He didn’t care
Life threatening disease
His mind was serving Goa till he was relieved.

Small Goa was proud
To see him as the defence minister.
An epitome of integrity and dedication
His service to the people of nation would not be forgotten.

At the age of 63
Son of Goan soil
On March 17 left us
With tears in our eyes and
Message to be simple and wise and serve our nation.

Shradha Naik, owner at Shradha Dance and Fitness Studio, Ponda

Bhai – a simple unique person
A person who served the nation
With a very simple way of life
This was a propellant of his successful life.

All the way from a small town called Mapusa
He reached a high platform of IIT through
Dedication and determination.

Had to fight against the right on several occasions
Also served for several nights to on a mission called surgical strike
As defence minister of big nation called India.

According to Chacha Nehru Goa was a pimple on India’s face
But later on was identified as a diamond because of such a respected leader and person.
Always he was busy like a buzzing bee who builds its honeycomb
He was busy in different developments to bring the nation under developing countries.

He served as defence minister to protect the nation from dangers
But never forgot to serve his beautiful state even
When he was fighting an evil called cancer.
If we all try to share his views and thinking
To showcase our condolence towards him

He was a man who will settle in every Goan’s heart with high respect and love toward him.
No one will forget him as his name suggests uniqueness and unity
Our beloved ‘Bhai Manohar Parrikar’.

Vishvesh V Kamat, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

Manohar Parrikar
The brightest star
In the political horizon of Goa,
With a profound ability
To inspire and infuse passion,
Created milestones
And gave Goa a new identity.

A genius political strategist
And coalition builder
Belonging to a rare breed of politicians
Soaked in simplicity, sincerity
Dedication and utmost integrity
He emerged as a leader
Of national importance,
He was a politician with a difference.

A man for all seasons
A steadfast visionary
Till his last breath.

Norman C Fernandes, Student, Goa University

‘Bhai Bhaich Bashen!’
There’s a void creating a heart-throbbing pain.

An epitome of intellect and altruism,
He personified simplicity and nationalism.

The first Goan to reach the cabinet,
URI attack proved his fearless trait.

Walked with kings but never lost the common touch.
Good governance and leadership was his bruch

Untucked shirts and Kolhapuri chappal
Patal bhaji and fish curry manifested savoury

Positivity can defeat the
Prodigious ailment,
‘A hosh full of Josh’ was his last statement.

Goans will always keep him in a love swaddle,
For generations to come, he will be a role model!

Shivani Nadkarni, VM Salgaocar College of Law, Panaji

‘Vision’ and ‘dream’ are not just words; they acquire a meaning when put into action.
For a dream to transform into reality, what’s obligatory is having courage and sincerity.
A symbol of patriotism and simplicity
A personality with perfect integrity.

A journey of who taught us a lesson to never fade the will power and determination.
A true son of the soil, whose selfless service and love towards his state and the country was incredible.
He will always be an inspiration.

Tanisha Samant, SV’s Sridora Caculo college of Commerce and Management Studies, Mapusa

When people ruled states
He conquered every Goan’s heart
People earned votes
He earned people’s hearts

People were busy building their career
As this person was busy making others
He made the best use of his time
To make Goa more beautiful and fine

He was the reason behind Goa’s rise
I am glad that he saw his dream come true

Not many are born
Who work for the people
And not for themselves alone
Neither was nor will there be
A person like you

I know these words of mine
Aren’t enough to describe every bit of you
But glad am I that I could write at least
A word or two about you.

Avin Anant Pai Kane, resident of Goa-Velha studying in KLE’s CB Kore Polytechnic, Belgaum