By Jeanne Da Vitoria Lobo


Memories of our childhood
Are those of days gone by
Those past memories we now remember
When staring at the cloudy grey sky
We were allowed nonsense
And no one said a thing
Now since this has followed
We get to hear a whole lot of shouting
The friends we had that long time back
Are in the deepest of our memories
Some might still be at our side
While others might have become enemies
These are memories of a past so distant
We can now only sit and recall
The times we were carefree
And we didn’t know it at all
To think all we wanted was to grow up
To think we wanted to get older
We thought childhood would last forever
But at that time we couldn’t have been wiser
Now we’d rather have those childhood days
And yes, we’d do it all over again
Being silly and naughty is part of the game
Living again is most definitely not a pain
But alas! This is our reality
And time is the greatest thief
It does to us the same
As autumn to a leaf!

(Writer is a class 11 student at St Xavier’s Higher Secondary School)