by Adarsh Gaunkar

I feel so lonely and scared,
As I fall I wonder if anyone’s there
Falling from the enlightened
To a place I don’t know
Falling into darkness
And everything’s moving with no place to go.

My mind runs into an illusion
That the mistake I made
Had everything fall apart
Never did I want to feel like that
Please, is anyone above?

I don’t understand why you can’t see
Just what your yelling is doing to me
These thoughts make me think of death.

Falling from love
Falling from faith
Falling down deep,
Deep into where stays
A darkness which blanks my mind.

I have a smile on my face
But I wonder if it’s any true
It covers all the pain
It hides all the hurt
It hides all the tears that fall like rain.

(Writer is a student at PES RSN Higher Secondary School, Ponda)