by Abigail De Souza

We usually spend our holidays learning to make craft items or take part in some activity at a day camp. But this Diwali vacations was different for my younger sister Alithea and me because it was for the very first time that we experienced what an overnight camp was like when we took part in the All Goa Altar Servers’ day which was held on November 10 and November 11, 2018 at the St Joseph Vaz Spiritual Renewal Centre, Old Goa.

We, both are altar servers in our Parish Church in Salvador-Do-Mundo. An altar server is someone who helps the priest at the altar when the mass is celebrated.

There was no mid-night camp fire as they show in the cartoons on children’s movies but instead we took part in a candle light procession where we recited the Rosary.

I learnt about the importance of sticking to a time-table, which we were given when the programme begun. We have time-tables in schools. But I learnt to appreciate the value of it even more because I realised how important it is to doing something within a given time and this made me more disciplined.

We were more than 200 children and I made many new friends. We were put into 12 groups, each group having the name of an apostle (Disciple of Jesus Christ). One of the things that I learnt was about how each one has a special talent within them which I saw when we had our group activities and everyone was given a chance to perform.

Through this theme ‘Come and Discover’ which was for the two days, I discovered a lot – from learning about the Bible and Gospel to learning things which will remain with me throughout my life.