by Joswin D’Souza J

Mahatma Gandhi, during his walk of life was a man of integrity and self respect. Always being an ‘other-centered’ man did everything that he could for the benefit of his fellow human being. The world honors him today for his value based life on this earth. Let us look at four of the major values practiced by Gandhi which we too can practice in our own lives to be ‘another Gandhi’ in this 21st century which is turning out to be all corrupt and violent.

Truthfulness: Mahatma Gandhi through all his life and deeds was a great follower of truthfulness and non violence. When asked, “Which is your religion?” Gandhi gives a beautiful answer saying, “My religion is based on truth and Non violence. Truth is my God and Non Violence is the means of realizing Him.”

Let us look around the world today. There are lies from the kids to the elderly. Lies have become part of our lives. Buddha, another great soul once said that there are three things that cannot be long hidden, first, the sun and the second, the moon and the third and most important the truth. No matter you will get stabbed, persecuted for the truth but truth will remain.
Non-violence: We must have heard this beautiful quote from Gandhi which goes ‘an eye for an eye only end up making this world blind.’ Anger and pride are the root cause of all violence in this world. According to Gandhi anger is the enemy of non violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up. Our world is full of non violence today. Murders, rapes, abuses hit the news headline every day. We need to ask ourselves how proud am I of myself? Is ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘myself’ is the threat for Non-Violence today?

Simplicity: This value strikes out in Gandhi’s life very beautifully. His clothing, his way of going about spoke a world of this heavenly virtue. According to Mahatma Gandhi there’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed. Greed becomes an enemy for simplicity. Simplicity makes the human person to think about others. Simplicity leads to selflessness. Gandhi through his thoughts, words and deeds invites us to be simple in our day today lives.

Communal harmony: Gandhi worked tirelessly for the communal harmony. He once said, “My longing is to be able to cement the two (Hindus and Muslims) with my blood, if necessary. ‘Peace’ was his favourite word. What is the situation in our country today? Is there communal harmony among communities and religions at large? Is the unity of our country with all its diversity disappearing today due to our pride, selfishness and political influence?

These four values of Gandhi provide a base for our lives to give the best to the society. As the quote goes “There is a right and a wrong in this universe and that distinction is not hard to make” but very often it the wrong that is chosen by us. Let us take the example of Mahatma Gandhi and try to imitate him in our thoughts, words and deeds to be another Gandhi in this world.

(Writer is a student at Don Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna)