By Asma Shaikh Feroz Ali

As students the only expectation from us is to get good grades and move on to a job without an accident in between. Accident here means failure. The seven-letter word can frighten any student as once associated with the word either the world becomes an emotional war zone or the devil inside the victim succeeds in destroying the human by suicide.

India is known to have the highest suicide rates among the youth. It’s sad because every hour a student commits suicide mainly due to their fear of failure. Among those students, there are some who underestimate themselves to the point where they stop studying and take up jobs that don’t match their intellectual levels. If the victim has a supportive family they change schools due to shame and fear of ill-treatment or just leave their towns; some get into the world of drug addiction because the society we live in treats failure as bad as a crime. The bitter truth is that the very people who ill-treat you for failing will treat you like a God if you succeed after failing.

What happens if one fails? Words can’t explain the pain because it’s easier for anyone to say that they were bullied by their mates, or that teachers refused to teach them or ill-treated them, the re-exam was harder, they lost their friends because their parents don’t want their kid to be around a failure, neighbours and relatives look down upon them and underestimate them and so on. What’s tough is that it is harder to face a world where the victim of failure is no longer valued or loved just because he/she failed.

As humans when we first learn to walk, we don’t just stand and walk impressively like a gentleman or a lady, we fail several times. Just because the child’s first attempt goes wrong the parents don’t underestimate him/her and confine them to wheelchair forever.

No child will never become depressed or attempt suicide if failure is treated as a first attempt at learning. Anyone who emotionally tortures another human being is the worst criminal. People fail a hundred times before they invent or discover something, some fail dozens of times before they win a game, people failed several times before they succeeded.

Let them fail; he failed the last year of high-school? No problem let him try again, let him learn again because that child may actually be more talented than another but the world won’t see it because they see numbers and not skills. That failure shouldn’t be tagged as ‘loser’, it shouldn’t require any sympathies as it’s not a tragedy, it’s actually absolutely normal.

Let our education system be based on the fact that it’s okay to fail and that we can try next time because life is all about learning things over, it’s completely alright to fail. One can always try again; humans are bound to make mistakes. Let’s make a difference as the next generation and give students a chance to try and learn again because it’s their first attempt in learning.

(Writer is a student at Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim)