Transportation in Goa is a huge problem, due to which college students have to face inconvenience in packed public transport vehicles. To know more about the problems they face while commuting from home to college, NT KURIOCITY speaks to a few students.

As a traveler who avails of the public buses from Margao to Mapusa, I have to say that the bus system is extremely efficient. The daily bus pass helps me catch a bus in no time from Margao to Panaji and vice versa. Very rarely have I encountered issues with regard to the water leakage and breakdowns. All in all the buses along the mentioned route are a help and I think we need to appreciate the hardworking people. The same cannot be said about the bus stands though. The Mapusa bus stand is filthy with animal and even human excrement along every inch of it.

Samuel Pereira, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

I travel from Varca to Margao and then Margao to Gogol. Buses from Varca to Margao are available only every 15 to 20 minutes. For example: If you miss the 8 a.m. bus, you have to until 8:15 a.m. for the next bus. Also, the speed at which the bus travels is really horrible, it almost takes 45 minutes to travel a route which would otherwise take a maximum of 20 minutes in your own vehicle. So to reach college on time, I have to leave one and a half hour early.

Farah Mendonça, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao

I live in Ribandar and to reach college I have to change three buses. I think buses are frequent enough; it is just that the drivers and conductors are careless. The drivers are careless and rash, while the conductors pack the buses crossing the limit of individuals permitted to stand. No proper change is returned to us and it’s often ignored with the wave of a hand.

Ingrid Fernandes, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

I stay in Carambolim village where transportation is a huge problem. The buses here are not frequent. We have buses only at certain time, for example, if there’s a bus at 12 p.m. the next bus probably is at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. and if I miss that one bus, I have to wait for a lift if no one’s at home to drop me. So either I have to leave well in advance or end up reaching late to college. We have to go according to the bus timings and not as per our convenience.

Tancia Pires, Goa Medical College, Panaji

The main problem is that I don’t get place to sit and standing is a problem at times as the buses are overcrowded. In addition, being an engineering student we need to carry our laptop at times which becomes very tedious in a crowded bus. Sometimes buses don’t come or leave on time hence delaying us to reach college or home on time.

Jane Rodrigues, Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Shiroda

I stay at Karmali. Basically from college to GMC bus stop we need to walk a lot, many students face this problem as it is almost a 15-minute walk. Most importantly roads are not in proper condition and during the monsoons, most of the times the subway is closed so crossing the road also becomes a problem. And after walking so much we don’t even get to stand properly in the bus as they are very crowded.

Shreya Naik, S S Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Panaji

Most of the conductors cheat students, especially boys. For example when ticket is `7, and if you give them `10 then most of them don’t return the change. But if you give even one rupee less then they shout and insult you. Also, the way they take in passengers is horrible. And in most of the buses it is clearly mentioned only 11 or 14 standing but no one actually follows it.

Harish Tamankar, Don Bosco College, Panaji

Primarily, inadequate transport vehicles considering that students come from all over the north and south and the fact that students as well as common public travel together by the public transport causes chaos. Buses are not on time due to which students do not reach on time and it also tires the students out before classes even start and probably the reason why students are unable to focus during lectures or are incapable of studying. There is also no place to sit in the bus and students get tired by the time they reach college. After getting down from the bus at Bambolim bus stand we have to walk at least for 15 minutes, which is more hectic and we always miss the first lecture. I wish we could have buses from Bambolim to the college. It will be more helpful.

Amogh Dalvi, student, S S Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Panaji

I live in Varca and the buses here are very slow. For example: for a 15-minute distance it takes almost 40 minutes for the bus in the evening. Borda buses are the worst as while returning they take half an hour for the 12-minute distance. And last stop of the Borda bus is the market so the ones who have to go to bus stand have to catch another bus from market or wait for Guirdolim, Chandor or Curtorim buses which are even less in frequency than Borda.

Alyssa Martins, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao

I am from Carambolim and there are a lot of problems I face travelling by bus like the packed buses and no one cares who is standing or sitting; anyone sits on the reserved seats of senior citizen and they don’t even get up from that seat when they see a senior citizen. Also, buses don’t have fix timings. Conductors push into the crowd and come to collect transportation charges. Some men take advantage of the crowed and even try to harass women or college girls.

Jane Pereira, Don Bosco College, Panaji