Friday , 22 March 2019

Kim-Moon Meet Beckons A New Era Of Peace


Needless to say that during most part of the last year, the world was kept busy watching the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sparing no moment in missile launching and testing of nuclear weapons and engaging in war of words with world leaders that even fuelled the dangers of an imminent third world war and that too a nuclear war. In this uneasy backdrop when speculations were rife that the North Korean dictator has toned down his attitude and is intending to meet his neighbour and South Korean President Moon Jae-in for reconciliation, it might have sent jitters across the globe and some might not even have given much heed, dismissing it as new tantrums being thrown by the despot. But then as it is rightly said – truth is stranger than fiction – and in a twist of destiny the entire globe was stunned to see the North Korean leader stepping his foot in South Korea to meet its President and uttering that he has come there to put an end to the history of confrontation. We only hope that this great first step from Kim Jong-un would usher in a new era of peace bonding the two countries together for greater peace and prosperity; which have been split apart after World War II and there never has been any cogent attempt since, to resolve the crisis and bring them together. From the articulations of the North Korean leader it is radiating hope that the two leaders are keen in furthering the peace process. Our forefathers have rightly said – united we stand, separated we fall. Though the two countries are more or less equal in terms of area, the per capita income of North Korea is barely 5 per cent that of South Korea. So it would be best for the two warring countries to downplay their differences and strive hard to come together possibly as one nation for enhancing their prosperity and advancing global peace. In the past we have seen how North Vietnam and South Vietnam that were ravaged through decades of war heeded to good sense and came together as one nation and so was the case with East Germany and West Germany.


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