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‘Kaajro’ heads to MAMI Festival

In what comes as an honour for Goan cinema, Konkani film ‘Kaajro’ has been selected under the India Story section for the internationally prestigious ‘MAMI’ film festival to be held in Mumbai from October 17 to 24, 2019.

Produced by ‘de Goan Studio’ of Rajesh and Gayatri Pednekar, the film producer and actor of the national award winning film ‘K Sera Sera’, ‘Kaajro’, which is a single cut film, is a thought-provoking film showing the present status, pace and morality of casteism and racism in society.

The film shows different experiences faced by the protagonists in just two hours on a Dussehra festival.

Based on the story written by HOD, Konkani Department, Goa University, Prakash Paryienkar ‘Kaajro’ has been directed by Nitin Bhaskar. The script of the film has been written by Bhushan Patil while dialogues are by Paryienkar and Patil. The cinematography of this film has been done by Samir Bhaskar and features Vithal Kale and Jyoti Bagkar in the lead roles. Goan artists Pandurang Pangam, Gopal Bimbar and Naresh Kadkade are co-actors in the film. Rohit Nagbhide has done the music for the film while the sound recording is by Dhananjay Sathe. Pravin Wankhede is the executive producer. 

‘Kaajro’ will be screened in MAMI at Mumbai on October 20, 21, and 22. The screening will be followed by an open discussion.

A single cut film

‘Kaajro’ has been shot in a unique way. The entire film has been shot in just two-three hours. However, the team did continuous exercise and rehearsal for 20 days prior to the shooting. In addition this film has only single cut editing, to show the protagonist’s life effectively. This is a completely new experiment and marks a leap in taking Konkani films further in technical aspects.

Casteism and racism are still prevalent in society all over the world. ‘Kaajro’ shows just two hrs of the protagonist’s difficult life. This film represents the issues of the deprived section of the society. The story being challenging, I was involved in every department of this project. It is an honour for us that we are representing Goa and Konkani in MAMI. Our hearts are touched by the selection in MAMI. We are also planning to send this film for the National Awards in 2020.

Rajesh R Pednekar, producer, ‘Kaajro’

Casteism and racism in society has always bothered me. I felt the issue could be shown more prominently when I read the story of ‘Kaajro’. The revolution evolves through such suppression. ‘Kaajro’ is representing such suppressive society. We had decided to shoot the film in just two hours to encompass the seriousness of the story. It was a huge task for us. The team made it possible through some serious efforts.

Nitin Bhaskar, director, ‘Kaajro’

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