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K Sera Sera: Ghodpachem Ghoddtelem

Movie Review BY Ramnath Pai Raikar
Language: Konkani
Year of Release: 2016
Duration: 135 minutes
Section: Indian Panorama
Directed by: Rajeev Shinde
Screening: November 28, 1 p.m. at INOX I
‘K Sera Sera: Ghodpachem Ghoddtelem’ is one of those movies which have multiple stories either entwined or running parallel in its plot – two stories running parallel in this case – and finally making a common statement for them. A no-expense-spared production, this Konkani film however fails to effectively emphasise the perception of the writer; the situation further compounded by the duration of the film, which is on the longer side.
Sarah Gonsalves (Palomi Ghosh), an ambitious lady constantly striving for perfection, from herself and her subordinates in a corporate firm, is in advance stage of pregnancy and advised by her gynaecologist, Dr Gomes (Prince Jacob) to go for absolute rest until she delivers the baby. The matter is complicated as the unborn baby is found to be suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a congenital cardiac anomaly. Although Sarah agrees to take a break from office and lead a project of her company from home, she is largely disturbed as a designer of her firm joins the rival company and shares secrets. She is also unable to cope with the situation, when her husband Allen (Salil Naik) proceeds on an official tour, leaving her alone at home. All this stress, results in premature delivery of the baby, whose brain too suffers a major damage and has to be placed on a ventilator.
Bhagwant ‘Bhai’ Gaonkar (Rajesh Pednekar) retires as a clerk and in the absence of any post-retirement benefits from the company is immediately hounded by domestic demands including payment of substantial fees for his son’s education, urgency to marry off his daughter and pending surgery of his ailing mother. In addition, he is neither able to handle the court case linked to his house, nor competent enough to secure a new job. The support from his wife, Sarita (Leena Pednekar) provides little comfort to him. Finally, he decides to takes up his mother’s treatment as a priority and asks his son to take care of his education himself.
As Sarah, always exuberating confidence and proud of her decision-making skill, and Bhai, who never had any confidence as well as decision-making power in him reach a crossroad, they are compelled to take important decisions, which may alter their respective lives altogether.
‘K Sera Sera…’ can easily stand up to any competition posed by modern-day films, in terms of technical aspects. Music composer, Raja Narayan Deb; cinematographer, Hari Nair; editor, Niraj Voralia and sound designer, Bishwadeep Chatterjee live up to the high standards earlier set by them, in their respective fields. The aerial drone shots used in the film, which presents Goan landscape in new light, need a special mention.
On the acting front, the two protagonists – who incidentally never share a screen space in the film – Palomi Ghosh and Rajesh Pednekar come out with genuinely believable performances. Prince Jacob, John D’Silva, Snehal Jog and others in smaller cameos provide adequate support.
Rajeev Shinde handles the proceedings with sensitivity. Cutting back-and-forth into the two stories is also intelligently done. However, the story and screenplay by Shinde himself leaves much desired, although the dialogues by him, which leads the film up to a point very smoothly, displays the spark of a writer in him. The 135-minute long film certainly deserved some scissor work, especially as the traumatic proceedings become taxing after a while, besides diminishing the impact of the performances.
All in all, ‘K Sera Sera…’ is a good effort on the part of de Goan Studio, and gives a clear indication that the Konkani cinema has come of age.

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