Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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Justice Taking Its Course

It is reported that UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is set to get relief with a dozen others charge sheeted for holding a meeting defying prohibitory orders, due to state government order to withdraw the case against the Chief Minister who is also the Home Minister. This was done a day before the UP Criminal Law (composition of Offences and abatement of trial) Amendment Bill 2017. What happened to boast that everyone is equal before the law? What about the much quoted “The Law will take its own course” without government interference? The recent elections have shown the true colors of the two national parties. Pope Francis in his Christmas message warns “The winds of war are blowing in our world and outdated model of development continues to produce human, societal and environmental decline”. Democracies are throwing up rulers instead of those who serve, imposing their will by hook or by crook. The law is bent, twisted, broken and changed at their will and fancies. The powerless electorate has become spectators and the opposition manipulated by inducements in their greed or created need. Unfortunately instead of loving people and using money, people today generally love money and use people!

John Eric Gomes, Porvorim


Water Sports On Goan Beaches

Goan beaches have a lot to offer to the tourists by way of water-sports. But then there is not much that is happening on the beach sand by way of entertainment. It must be said that it is mostly the young people who indulge in water-sports which is obviously not meant for children, senior citizens and the weak-hearted. In this respect the tourism department could explore the possibility of introducing joy-rides on animals on the beach sand for locals and the tourists. Beaches in other states in the country have introduced rides on camels, horses and even elephants on the beach sand. Two camels which were seen at the Sernabatim beach the other day, took the tourists by surprise and many were eager to take a paid ride on these domesticated animals. It is understood that the caretaker had brought the animals from Rajasthan for a wedding ceremony at one of the nearby hotels. Animals like the camel, which do not fall under the schedule list and can be domesticated, could be introduced on the Goan beaches for joy-rides which could become a huge draw. Obviously these animals should be well looked after by the caretaker and should not be abused or over-worked. Beach-scooters which run on sand could also be introduced so that the tourists can have a joy-ride on them



Acclaiming The End Of Triple Talaq

The bill on triple talaq or instant divorce claimed to be permitted by Quran and practised by some Muslims much to the agony and unpredictability of their womenfolk was tabled by the NDA government in the Lok Sabha on Thursday and to the relief of one and all it was passed smoothly. The matter had earlier been debated in the apex court and it was ruled that the archaic practice is anti-woman as it violates the dignity of women and thus unconstitutional. However as there was no law to explicitly penalise the offenders the obnoxious custom continued and men with total disregard to civility, but concerned only in fulfilling their desire, continued to issue triple talaq in words or in writing or through the electronic media. Consequently, the only option left with the government was to seek a law with penal provisions on the perpetrators. The much awaited ‘Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill which is passed, criminalises triple talaq with jail term of 3 years and compensation to be paid to the victim woman. It is worth recollecting how the government’s righteous move was met with tough opposition ever since it was mooted. The AIMPLB had raised objections and was demanding the rollback of the bill stating that it should be discussed with the Board and the senior clerics. The stand adopted by some opposition parties like the Congress, TMC, NCP and CPM with reference to the bill was deplorable. The Trinamool Congress had initially outright opposed the ban on triple talaq, obviously with the motto of appeasing the Muslim community to strengthen its vote bank. The other parties had expressed displeasure on the penal provision. The Congress had initially gone on record arguing that what was practised by the community till now cannot be abruptly banned. Isn’t that disgraceful? It clearly reveals the hidden agenda of the Congress party that nothing concerns it more than pacification of the community, which it has been doing since independence, to guard its image. The bill will now have to be passed by the upper house before being sent for President’s assent to make it a law. The relief in the Muslim women was manifested in their joyous celebrations on the passage of the bill.


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