Thursday , 18 April 2019

JP Pereira

‘I Love You’, is the tiatr that won the first place at the ‘A’ Group Kala Academy Tiatr Competition, 2018.  Written and directed by Matias Mascarenhas, it is a light hearted play recounted with flashbacks that has the audience in splits.

Marikin and Damacian are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Their son and his family based in the USA want the aged parents to come for a tour. This holiday will also coincide with the presentation of an award to the old couple, for completing fifty years of wedded life, which is a rarity in the West. While the wife agrees, the husband is apprehensive. He believes that he is not worthy of the award for committed many follies and thus his marriage does not deserve the award.  Then the flashback begins which has certain incidents showcased of both the people and their involvement with others.

The play is quite a treat. Mathias has scripted a witty package, packed with humorous lines. The actors display great talent and the lead pair is to be appreciated for playing the old couple with the same keenness as they play their younger version. Trupti Kerkar and Ashwin de Souza are impressive here.

From the costumes, to making good use of a fine set designed by Kapil Chari and the area lighting by Dhananjay Phalkar add to the quality of this tiatr. However the use of a sickness like cancer, in one act could have been avoided. Johny Mascarenhas as the dying Dumgulo and Sunshine Fernandes as his wife play their roles well. Irene de Souza as Anjela, the other woman in the younger days and the character of Caitulo are aptly cast. The six actors make the audience laugh out loud throughout the tiatr.

The band has Selvyn (trumpet), Roy (saxophone), Leander (drums), Nevelle bass) and Louis (keyboard).  The opening is a choral from Denzilia-Pascoal-Zamila. There are other songs from Pascoal, Zamila, Denzilia, Johny,  Linoshka, Salvador, Andrew, Nacisia, Simao, Domnic, Filomena, Irene, Sunshine and Matias.

This is an entertainer. Leave all your worries behind and enjoy this comedy. The young cast performs with zest. Don’t miss this show!

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