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Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa – Tiatr Personality JP Pereira

‘Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa’ is the latest non-stop show by Peter-Roshan. It is about people who harm the girl child.

The show opens with Douglas shouting at the doctor after his widowed sister Alaska delivers a girl. He directs the words “I hate girls” to the doctor and also says he wants her to kill the infant. The doctor refuses, is threatened and soon relents. All of this happens at GMC. The doctor hands over the baby to Douglas and tries to convince the mother and her brother-in-law that the child died and was cremated by mistake. Douglas takes the baby and places her at the feet of the statue of Mother Teresa. The statue saves the baby from being eaten by ants.

Valanka, after being discharged from the hospital, reaches near the statue and finds the baby, and takes her home. That is when the little girl’s hardships begin. She is beaten mercilessly, her hands are burned and she is even caned at school. The perpetrators of these crimes are Douglas, his son who is a doctor, an old woman who helps with matchmaking and the school teacher. Only her mother and uncle care for her.  And thus, life goes on!

The melodrama depicts the physical abuse of a little child whose only fault is that she is born a girl. The cast has Roshan as the suffering mother, Brian as the uncle who preaches a lot and Peter as the evil Douglas. Clara once again plays the role of an irritating character, Dencilla plays the lover and cruel teacher and Benzer is the villainous doctor who is in love with her. The young girl playing the tragic daughter acts and emotes well. Richard, Brian and a new girl provide humour which is quite vulgar, at times. Unfortunately, the young novice comedienne, who is quite good, is made to speak with a lisp thereby creating some vulgar words in her dialogues.

Benzer renders the opening song with music by Novan, Ashburn, Stefford, Clint and Telzia.

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