Friday , 22 March 2019

Joaquim’s son Yuri inducted into GFP

CUNCOLIM: Yuri Alemao, son of former Cuncolim MLA Joaquim Alemao, was   on Sunday inducted  into the Goa Forward Party, giving  a new dimension to the  politics of the Cuncolim constituency.

The function to induct Yuri Alemao into the GPF was held at Cuncolim, where  GPF leaders took potshots at incumbent MLA Clafasio Dias and the Congress.

Welcoming Alemao into the party, GFP supremo  Vijai Sardesai said, “The Chieftains’ Revolt (of Cuncolim) was the first major revolt against the foreign rule… we will ensure that its history is put in (school) textbooks.”

Busloads of supporters from Chandor and Macazana as well as past and present members of village panchayats  of Guirdolim, Chandor, Paroda, Ambaulim and the Cuncolim municipal council attended the function.

Addressing  the people under the watchful eyes of his father Joaquim Alemao, Yuri Alemao promised supporters to take up people’s concerns and development in the constituency.

“Under the state highway-8 project, many heritage houses had been  proposed  to be relocated. But when people went to the local MLA, he said that he could not do anything. However, with the help of the TCP Minister, we addressed this issue,” Yuri Alemao said.

He said that people of Cuncolim go without electricity for at least  eight hours every day as the electricity is supplied to industrial units of  the Cuncolim industrial estate. Moreover   the tender for underground cabling work has not yet been issued.

“I have decided to take up your work not because of assembly elections, which are three and half years away,”  clarified Yuri Alemao, who will open an office in the constituency.

Explaining the reasons for bringing in changes to the TCP Act, especially the TDR concept, Sardesai  said that over seven crore square metre of settlement land belonging to Goans had been shown as  ‘non-developmental zones’ in the Regional Plan-2021 while 12 crore square metre of land belonging to a Delhi party was converted during the Congress government.

“My aim is to get this seven-crore land back to Goans, as we want to save it,” he said.

The function was also  attended by GFP leaders and ministers Jayesh Salgaonkar and Vinod Palyenkar. Speaking on the occasion, Salgaonkar stressed on the need for a strong regional party.

The GFP has said that it will spread its wings in the constituencies where it is not that strong.

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