Wednesday , 27 March 2019

Jaideep confident of winning Shiroda




Stating that his father’s goodwill, contacts with members of the society and work done as a Zilla Panchayat member will pave the way for his victory in the Shiroda bypoll, Jaideep Shirodkar on Saturday claimed that people’s resentment towards senior politicians of the constituency will act as an added advantage for him.

Jaideep, who is a probable candidate of the Congress party for the upcoming by-election in the Shiroda constituency, is the son of ex-MLA Jaikrishna Shirodkar.

Shiroda will be facing bypoll due to the recent resignation of Subhash Shirodkar as MLA. Subhash has joined BJP.

The Congress party has been sending feelers to Jaideep and when asked whether he was prepared for it and how it all happened, he said that during the last assembly election itself, people wanted to see him as a candidate in the constituency, as they wanted to give chance to a new face because of the resentment they had

developed towards the senior politicians including Subhash Shirodkar and Mahadev Naik.

“At that time, I was looked upon as an MGP candidate, but at the last moment MGP leaders ditched me and gave ticket to Abhay Prabhu. The internal fight between the workers of BJP and MGP provided a chance to Subhash to win the seat. And upset with MGP, I worked for the Congress candidate Subhash. With Subhash getting close to BJP recently, I was sure that he would leave Congress at any time. I was getting feelers from people that Congress wanted to give a chance to a new face and considering that, I was mentally prepared for it. Luckily, Congress’ senior leaders called me for a meeting and they are almost ready to be with me,” Jaideep said.

When questioned whether Congress has promised him a ticket, he said that he has not yet joined Congress party officially. He said that he will join the Congress party officially in 10-15 days after talking to various likeminded people from his constituency. “I am sure they will give ticket to me. They know my work and that I connect with people,” he said.

Jaideep expressed confidence about winning the seat if given a ticket. He said that while working as a Zilla Panchayat member, he came in contact with many people from Shiroda and hoped that they would be with him during the by-election.

Elaborating on the development work he undertook as a Zilla Panchayat member, Jaideep said, “In the last three years’ time, I have completed almost 22 developmental works in my area worth around Rs 1.60 crore. Though as Zilla Panchayat members, we don’t get much funds, I have managed to complete a lot of work with the help of various government departments. It includes pathways and steps and other works in rural areas of Shiroda, which were neglected by the previous MLAs.”


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