A Konkani CD on rhymes

“Childhood memories are the sweetest ones we have; they have to be cherished in our later years. When I was a child, I would get involved in a lot of fun activities like plucking tamarind.

However, today our children get to see these fruits only on books. It will make for better learning if they are taught concepts and things by showing it to them physically as far as possible,” said Mr Prasad Lolayenkar, Director of Art and Culture at the release of ‘Shani Masti’, an audio CD produced by Konkani Bhasha Mandal (KBM) at a function held at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.
There was a tremendous response at the venue from children as well as their parents. The KBM said the aim of the CD was to promote Konkani language through kids’ rhymes. The album include songs like ‘Jallemama’, ‘Manzarache Kazaar,’ ‘Masti Badi’, ‘Nachata Kukad’, ‘Yena Yena Aaitaar’, ‘Dhol re maada’, ‘Kavlyanche Shaalet’ and ‘Babulachya Dolyamadhi’. Students of Manovikas High school, Bhatikar Model primary school, Vidhyabhuvan Konkani School danced to the tunes of these songs to entertain children who had gathered for the programme.
While speaking at the occasion, the president of KBM, Mr Prashant Naik said, “Due to the issue of Medium of Instruction our people are mostly observed coming on roads to protest. We are working to preserve Konkani by releasing such audio CDs. This is our first attempt to bring a CD for children. We have now decided to come up with more such CDs. Our next step is to focus on coming out with a CD on patriotic songs.”
The singers, lyricists and musician were felicitated by Balasree Vibha Ajit Kanekar and Mr Prasad Lolayenkar. Those felicitated with a memento and certificates include Shridhar Kamat, Ketan Bhat, Akansha Kamat, Aishwarya Salelkar, Diksha D’Sa, Avesh Paiguinkar, Jai Vadolkar, Ratnamala Divkar, Chetan Acharya, Sidhanath Buyao, Granthik Buyao, Georgie Dias, Gautam Hede, Karishma Chari, Nephie Rod, Swapnil Bandodkar, late Manoharai Sardesai, Ramesh Velukar, Saish Panandikar, Naina Adarkar, Prashanti Talpankar and many more.