“Good people should stand up against injustice”

“This country has deteriorated not because of bad people but because of good people, because they didn’t stand up against injustice,” said Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Anandotsav Divya Mahasatsang, at Miramar Beach on Wednesday.

He was addressing the thousands who had come down to hear a few words of wisdom from their Guruji.
Elaborating about the current scenario of corruption in our country he said, “When there is loss in spirituality and humanity, corruption rises. When oneness among the people decreases corruption increases. In our country when we started forgetting spirituality we started going down.”
He mentioned that today’s politicians are self-centred. “For the politicians country should come first, then the party and then the individual. But, it is other way around for them,” he said.
He advised, “Politicians should be spiritual rather than corrupt.”
Sri Sri also mentioned that there is now an increase in corruption because we have moved away from spirituality. “I feel sorry for the politicians as they were never given spiritual education. There should be never any pollution in our mind and our environment.”
He informed that the Art of Living, which is now a 30-year-old organisation, started this movement against corruption on March 1, 2009. They took an oath that no one will give bribe to anyone.
He opined, “When corruption ends, inflation will also end.” He appealed to the people to fight against injustice and be awake.
While answering people’s queries based on personal issues like anger, ego, he added, “When you seek perfection you get angry. Leave some space for imperfection in life. Ego builds walls between people. When simplicity stops ego emerges.”
On God he stated, “God is the reason for my existence. He is inside my soul.” He also suggested that three things are important in life -Gyan (knowledge), dhyaan (meditation) and gaan (music).
When asked whether the world will come to end in 2012, he quipped, “That’s happening only in movies and not in reality.” He further observed that now is the transition period and there are good times ahead and people will be more humane.
The discourse was then followed by meditation and bhajan, lead by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.