An experience with a difference

The company Lucent Dossier Experience is known for its fine reputation in circus arts, dance, aerial arts, fire performances, live and original music, and vocals. The company is performing at the Club Fresh in Candolim.

The unusual ensemble that has been performing in this club is recognised for their interactive, surrealistic performance that breaks barriers between them and the audience.

20-25 members form part of the core group. The group also stage non-conventional theatrical performances.

This company believes in the line ‘go green’. All the performers dress up in fancy costumes and makeup unique to Lucent Dossier. Their costuming often gives the artistes a Victorian era look. Their dressing includes recycled objects, feathers etc.

Lucent Dossier Experience also has their own band. The custom-made music played is by the DJs. The group has toured Spain, Portugal, Canada, Japan, Ireland, London Guatemala, and Mexico.

Coming for the first time in India they will perform regularly at Club Fresh, Candolim until January 2011. They are also available for performances at other places in Goa and across India during their tour period.