Sunday , 24 February 2019
‘I’ve always been more inclined to entrepreneurship,’ Ashley

‘I’ve always been more inclined to entrepreneurship,’ Ashley

Vasco-based Ashley D’Souza, 21, who is pursuing Computer Engineering is the founder of Hexcoderz – a startup company, and is also the youngest to own a startup at CIBA, Verna. NT KURIOCITY gets more details


Hexcoderz is a budding web development and design startup that Ashley D’Souza founded in the year 2016. Ever since then, they have been working towards the goal of originality with the primary focus not on competition but to compete for themselves – to get better with each passing day.

The young team called TeamHex also consists of two more members – Vaibhav Naik who is doing his Bachelor of Arts in VFX and Animation at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao and Ankeeta Paul is doing her final year diploma in Computer Engineering at Fr Agnel Polytechnic, Verna.

Ashley conceptualised Hexcoderz, based at CIBA, Verna because he was and is still passionate about coding and web design. “It is a vast field with good potential and I wanted to see that potential in Goa.  Also, I’ve always been more inclined to entrepreneurship than working for a company. I get my freedom for creativity here and I love it,” says Ashley. In fact, Ashley realised his potential when he was working for another start-up and asked himself, “If I can deliver top class code here, then why not go ahead and have my own startup and code for it directly instead of working for someone else?”

The team recently conducted a 10-day Web Developer Bootcamp based on a Harry Potter theme which was quite successful. Other than that, they do event collaborations on gaming events and student-based activities to connect to the younger generation. They also formed a Hex Community (they call themselves Hexians) consisting of their past Bootcampers to help them work on future events.

The 21-year-old Ashley who is pursuing his fourth year in Computer Engineering at Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna, wants Goa to get digitised because he feels Goa has a flourishing business in-and-around the corners and making it digital would be even better. “I was also happy to see that startups in Goa are being given importance and recognition as was evident at the IT Day recently held in Goa,” he says. Explaining how his start-up is different from the others in the market, Ashley says: “We recently ventured into branding, which is not a very common thing here in Goa.  We are more open to creativity; we like to experiment and it’s all about learning.”

And as they say no sailor faces a smooth sea. Ashley too has had issues with his college as they were not very accepting of the idea of him studying as well as working for his start-up at the same time. Apart from attendance issues, he was also denied campus accommodation for his bootcamp. “I somehow managed and held it at CIBA and I am glad that it went well. I’m thankful for the support from my family and friends and to my TeamHex for standing by me always,” he says. As far as hiring employees is concerned, the team hires young students. In this way they have a good boost of fresh energy from young minds. “We are a budding startup that helps other new startups. We can help them better because we know how things are,” says Ashley.


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