Wednesday , 24 January 2018
It’s Tiki-Taka this year for FC Goa

It’s Tiki-Taka this year for FC Goa


As a dedication to football and FC Goa, musician and founding member of FC Goa Fan Club, Omkar H and Edmund Gomes recently released the music video ‘Tiki-Taka (Vamos Goa)’ at Siridao at the hands of FC Goa players Brunho Pinheiro, Eduardo Bedia, Ahmed Jahouh and Adrian Colunga.

Speaking on the occasion, Brunho Pinheiro who is seen in the video along with FC Goa players like Ferran ‘Coro’ Corominas, Mandar Rao Dessai and Laxmikant Kattimani said: “It was really great being part of the music video. We are expecting a lot more love and support from the people for the upcoming matches. Hope people continue to support us and it’s always been great here in Goa.”

Giving details about the video, Edmund said that the people of Goa love football and it’s their own initiative to bring out this song and video. Last year Goan musicians gave the football fans the FC Goa anthem song ‘Ole Ola Forca Goa’ which also gained a lot of popularity.
Omkar explained the meaning of title ‘Tiki-Taka (Vamos Goa)’ which in Spanish describes the style of play in football that is characterised by short pass and movement and the word ‘Vamos’ in means ‘come on’ or ‘let’s go’. After the release Omkar along with Edumund and Carlos Gonsalves enthralled the audience with their music. The video has been directed by Franky Fernandes and Lester Fernandes and choreographed by Austin Dias and Daisy Lopes.

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