Sunday , 24 February 2019
It’s proven, state cannot form govt without MGP’s support: Deepak
MGP president Deepak Dhavalikar, PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar, Dr Ketan Bhatikar and others along with newly-joined members on Tuesday

It’s proven, state cannot form govt without MGP’s support: Deepak




Condemning criticism against Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) in the recent past, its president Deepak Dhavalikar claimed that the party will come to power with full majority in the next election.

“It is a proven fact that the state cannot form the government without MGP’s involvement. The next government will be MGP’s,” stated Dhavalikar on Tuesday, while addressing party workers meet in Ponda. Six prominent faces from Ponda joined the party on Tuesday. Some of these include Milind Madgut, Manoj Keni and Curti-Khandepar panch member Bhika Kerkar.

Along with MGP president, senior leader and PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar, MGP Ponda convenor Dr Ketan Bhatikar, municipality chairperson Pradeep Naik and other committee members were also

Speaking further, Deepak Dhavalikar stated that gaining back the Ponda seat is the priority of MGP and winning all four constituencies of Ponda taluka will be the first step towards forming the government in the state.

PWD Minister Sudin assured the party workers of working with double speed for the party’s upliftment. “I have recovered from a deadly illness with blessings from you all and dedicating this life for the service of the people,” he stated.

Further, Dhavalikar stated that the MGP has always created leaders and not borrowed anybody from other parties. “MGP is the oldest regional party in the state, which has managed to keep its presence in the state assembly,” he said.

Addressing the meeting, Dr Ketan Bhatikar urged the party workers to work for the welfare of the people with faith in God. “Working for the society without expecting much in return is the aim of the MGP and new faces will be a boost to the party,” he said.

Other members of the party and newly-joined workers also spoke at the meeting, which was attended by around 350 members.

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