Issues of escort service website, robberies mar Candolim gram sabha

CANDOLIM: Issues of a website promoting Goa as sex tourism destination, Candolim football ground and police patrolling to check robberies rocked the Sunday gram sabha held at the Candolim panchayat ghar.

A villager Regina Fernandes brought to the notice of the sarpanch Blaize Fernandes that a website is promoting sex tourism in the state wherein college girls and housewives are “offered” for prostitution. The statement irked the villagers and there was commotion as the villagers demanded to know whether women from Candolim were also promoted on the website.

Villagers demanded with the sarpanch that the issue should not be taken up and not recorded in the minutes. Villagers said that it was inappropriate to say that all college girls and women were being offered on the website and said that it would bring a bad name to Goan women.

Villagers demanded to call off the gram sabha but the sarpanch Blaize Fernandes was determined to go ahead with discussion over the issue. As discussions were underway, a fight broke out between two villagers and police personnel were called in to bring the situation under control and the gram sabha adjourned for nearly fifteen minutes.

The sarpanch told the gram sabha that the matter will be put up before the cyber crime for investigations as it is a very serious issue and could affect tourism in Candolim.

The sarpanch told the gram sabha that the panchayat has already started the work on the state-of-the-art football stadium and the existing football ground at Candolim will be converted into a modern football stadium consisting of all amenities.

Villagers raised the issue of cutting of trees in a private property atop Sinquerim hill and asked what action is being taken. Issue of law and order was also taken up. The sarpanch told the gram sabha that he was not aware where the hill cutting was going on as such the panchayat could not take action.

As soon as the secretary completed the reading of the minutes, Roshan Mathias brought to the notice of the sarpanch that the minutes of the previous gram sabha which were video-recorded have been manipulated and the speech of the MLA was missing. Mathias requested the sarpanch to add the speech of the MLA and demanded that previous minutes of the meeting be re-tabled again. The sarpanch denied the allegations stating that the panchayat did not provide an edited footage of the previous gram sabha.

Villagers proposed to the sarpanch to remove signboards on the road with casino ads, the sarpanch assured to look into the matter and remove them.

A villager Vincent Fernandes highlighted the law and order problem in the village and proposed to the sarpanch to demand constant police patrolling to keep a check on robberies in the village. The sarpanch Blaize Fernandes assured the villagers that law and order problem in the village will be tackled on priority.

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