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Inquire, Discover, Learn at The Story of Space 2017

The Story of Space 2017 is scheduled to be held from November 10 to November 19 at different venues in and around the capital city. NT BUZZ finds out more

With the advancement in science and technology, man is able to explore unknown territories and travel to earlier inaccessible regions. One such area is space – boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Astronauts have been trying to comprehend the outer space for us to understand several complex issues.

After organising the Story of Light in 2015, The Story of Foundation founded in 2011 will organise the Story of Space Festival 2017 from November 10 to November 19 that will help participants learn about space from a number of perspectives, promoting inquiry and exploration. “The idea is to look at creative informal learning experiences by looking at one topic – Space – from multiple perspectives. The festival will host an exchange of ideas and cultures for artists, scientists, researchers, educators, and philosophers from around the globe,” says educator, editor and curator, Story of Space Festival, Jaya Ramchandani.

The festival has 72 projects comprising of live experiences, a film programme, installations, workshops, talks, and panels on critical questions about space. “These four groups – science, art, philosophy and education – will meet on one platform. Various projects have been carefully curated by our organising team, with the aim of engaging audiences from all walks of life, in a cross-disciplinary, creatively and intellectually stimulating experience,” says Jaya.

Speaking about the reason for the topic, Jaya says: “We are taking topics that are connected to everything. Everybody has their own understanding of space. Inquire, discover and explore is what the festival is trying to bring out,” says Jaya.

The festival includes an interdisciplinary exhibition looking at the ‘void’ across science, philosophy (both Indian and Western), and art by theoretical physicist Giuseppe Bozzi, philosopher S Bhuvuneshwari, and architect and designer Manuel Scortichini with video inputs from the famous Minute Physics YouTube channel. Learn about the life and death of stars in an art-meets-science spectacle by the Polish Institut B61. Mumbai based Akash and Thomas, ‘Sound. Codes’, have collaborated with the Archaeological Survey of India to acoustically map 45 sites over Goa, covering its heritage and culture, reproducing the sights and sounds of Goa at the Fundacao Oriente. Over the festival, US based Migratory Cultures will project local and international narratives around people’s experiences of migration, including stories of migration unique to the Goan diaspora, all over the city. The program also has panels making relevant inquiries like ‘what is sustainable development to Goa?’

The Story of Space Festival venues are – Goa Science Center, Sukerker House, Garcia De Orta, Adil Shah Palace, Central Library, Sadhana Dell Arte, Campal Indoor Stadium, Kala Academy, 91 SpringBoard, Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Panjim Muncipal Market, Institute Menezes Braganza, Fundacao Oriente, Alliance Francaise, Gallery Gitanjali, Mozaic, 6 Assagao, Musuem of Goa.


The festival is free and open to public. You can donate towards the initiative on

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