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Innovating fashion at Tara
25-year-old, Tanvi Prabhu who started Tara, a concept design, tailoring and make-up store in Sangolda, is happy with the success and trust she has gained over the past year. All set to take it big, the business graduate believes that a calling and focus can change one’s life to a great extent

Innovating fashion at Tara

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Without having an aim after graduating in Business Administration from SVS Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and Management Studies, Tanvi Prabhu from Moira tried her stint as a sales executive, found it hectic and quit. In between applying for several jobs and staying idle at home, she worked in the administration department when her mother was on child care leave. Again, she quit even before completing the six month tenure. Much later she found her zen and is now a fashion entrepreneur.

“I couldn’t fit into an office setup,” says Tanvi, adding that between 2014 and 2017, with her career not picking up and her friend all dabbling in fancy positions, depression set in. “I would cry all day. I withdrew from social life. I didn’t know where my life was heading,” she recalls.

However, with a penchant for designing her own outfits and a love for make-up, Tanvi headed to Chennai for a two-day make-up workshop, followed by a comprehensive course in bridal make-up. Around this time, her house was being re-built. And with the contractors taking her mother for a ride, Tanvi decided to take up the task of overseeing everything that went into making a beautiful home. From choosing paints, to finding dealers and suppliers to sourcing Kota tiles, choosing and getting custom made cushion covers, wall papers, she did it all. “That’s when the realisation and calling came about,” she says.

The local posro which her grandfather used to run 15 years ago in Sangolda, was the chosen place to start shop and Tanvi renovated it with her brother Tanmay. In July last year, Tara (named after herself and her mother Rashmi) was established. Tanvi is now an entrepreneur of a concept design, tailoring, and make- up store. Single-handedly she manages it all and is learning on the go. She admits that this one year has made her realise what life, challenges, success, pillar of strength and other mantras and terms that we so loosely talk about are.

“I didn’t know the nuances of stitching and used to hate the sound of the sewing machine, but now this is what I am totally immersed in. I design for people, tweak their ideas after visualising clients in an outfit,” says the young entrepreneur who availed of the entrepreneurs load from EDC.

Tanvi has kept her rates extremely pocket friendly. A simple kurta can be stitched for Rs 350, a maxi dress at Rs 750, lace gowns Rs 1300 onwards, jumpsuits Rs 650, saree blouses Rs 350, etc. She tells us that the aim in mind is to allow people to get value for money. Within a year, her clientele through word of mouth has brought in all sorts of people, students, working professionals, home-makers, tourists, etc.

“This is neither a plush or fancy designer show, nor is it a normal stitching shop. This is something in between where you get personalisation, someone to understand your designing needs, gives you something different and yet ensure you don’t overspend,” explain Tanvi who recalls how she would feel the pinch when she would be charged exorbitant rates to get outfits tailor-made.

Her latest project was remaking old sarees. This attracted a lot of people who brought in their old sarees and would take back gowns, dresses, crop tops, shrugs, etc. Tanvi spends much of her time designing the outfits asked for by clients, and goes the extra mile to suggest alternatives for their consideration.

With customisation and personalisation at the forefront, she heads to the market to search for matching fabrics, or to even home-deliver outfits of clients. Besides this, she also started self-make up workshops for she believes, everyone woman has the right to feel beautiful, and if there’s something like make-up that can do it, why not.

Soon, Tanvi will be retailing garments in a store at Fontainhas, Panji, opposite a popular fish-curry-rice restaurant besides selling through other retail outlets. “I am here to grow as a fashion entrepreneur and allow everyone to bring out their fashionable sides, without discriminating,” she concludes.

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